Adventures in Health (Volume 13)

20 Feb

The Broad Street Run


When I first started running again I began to set goals for myself. I want to run 12 5K races this year, run in The Broad Street Run and do the Disney Half the beginning of next year.

The Broad Street Run was going to be the biggest hurdle for this year. It’s a VERY popular race, so popular that the servers went down during the registration last year. This year they were going to do the registration by lottery, not everyone would be selected to run.

That means that I had to have some kind of luck to actually have an chance just to get in. It wouldn’t matter how early I got up on registration day. It didn’t matter how good of a runner I am. It didn’t matter that I’ve never done it before and it’s a MAJOR goal for me this year. All that would matter was am I lucky or not.

Well, I got lucky and I will be running in the 34th Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

The largest and fastest race of it’s kind and I get to be a part of it. Woot!

When I woke up Monday morning and found that email waiting for me I was beyond excited.


I think I’m right on track with my training. I’m getting ready to start week 13 (of 14) of the 10K Trainer and I’m already easily running a 10K.

Once I complete the 10K Trainer I plan to steadily add about 10% to my distance each week while continuing to run three days a week.

I’ve never run in anything like The Broad Street Run so I want to be very careful not to try and push myself too far too fast. The last thing I want is an injury that will take me out of the race completely.


I’ve set the goal to finish my ten mile race in under an hour and a half. That’s a solid nine minute mile which should be doable for the flat, slightly downhill course. The main thing I see slowing me down is traffic.

I’d like to run a solid eight minute mile and I’ll make that my push goal.

I have 74 days to work on my distance and speed.

How are you doing with your fitness goals this year? Will you be running in The Broad Street Run too?

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