A Week In Mommyland (Week 14)

8 Apr

My week brought with it many challenges as I started my challenge of not yelling at the boys. What started as a week of uncertainty turned into a week filled with confidence. It’s not easy, nothing worth doing ever is, but I found that I really can do it if I really think before I react.



I’ve started to get creative with my lunches again. I’m looking for the low calorie, makes me full factor. This one might not be pretty but it was delicious! Black bean quinoa, some corn, cherry tomatoes, and a sliced hard boiled egg. Wow, was it good and it kept me satisfied for the rest of the afternoon.



I started my no yell challenge this week and the boys were kind of taken off guard the first couple days. In the first two or three days of me not yelling they actually started to be extra good. I went up to get dressed and when I came back down this is what I found, two boys quietly coloring and talking nicely to each other.

Of course as the week progressed their behavior regressed but that’s another story for another day.



Let’s face it, sometimes it is! Seriously though, I really like this mug.



Our house of technology just got a little more techy with the addition of the Nest. This thermostat is so smart it’s ridiculous. It was a little pricey but I think it’ll pay for itself in a little more than a year (maybe less).

I love that I can change the temperature in the house from my iPhone. I’m sure there will be a review on this bad boy in the near future.

Oh, and Bill has since fixed the little holes and painted the wall.



This little plant was supposed to be low maintenance, it was sold to me under false pretenses. Once I did a little Googling after getting Mac (that’s the plant’s name) I found out that this little plant is a high maintenance bitch. It can’t have our water because we have a well and well water has too much salt. It’s like Goldilocks, it can’t be too close to a window or too far away.

Taking care of the kids is going to be easier than taking care of this tinny tiny little plant. Oh well, it’s cute so I’ll keep it.



Season opener for the boy’s soccer and it was FREEZING!

Logan was a little apprehensive at first since this is his first soccer season, but once he got out there he had a great time. He even scored the ONLY goal of his game. GO LOGAN!

Cameron did really well too. I have him playing a division up this year since he’s almost 7. His league is all 7 and 8 year olds and he’s pretty small but it hasn’t stopped him from going out there and playing hard.



It’s Sunday and it’s a beautiful day, why not ride around in a golf cart at your grandparent’s house? I hope my boys know how lucky they are.

The boys love to go on adventures with their Poppy and they’ll talk my ear off about it when they get back.

Another week in the books here in Mommyland. What kind of fun did you have last week?

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