A Week In Mommyland (Week 16)

22 Apr

This was a hard week to get through. It started with the bombing of the Boston Marathon and all the craziness of that situation. Later in the week I lost a friend suddenly and unexpectedly. The weekend was kind of my saving grace giving me a little escape and lots of smiles.



Monday started out as such an ordinary day. I took a photo of my lunch because it was so full of veggies. I sat and watched some TV before I headed into work. It wasn’t long after my arrival that I received that text¬†from Bill that made my heart stop.

Suddenly everything was different.



Runners all over the country and probably the world banded together to show that no one would stop us from running. Everywhere you looked someone was wearing a race shirt or some other kind of running shirt to show their support.

It was heartwarming to see so much support for those who were injured and lost their lives.



It’s been a struggle to get Cameron to apply himself with his school work. Somehow, all on his own, he took the initiative to do his homework neat on the first try. He was so proud of himself and couldn’t wait to show me when I got home.

Don’t worry, I had him fix number 3.



As if this week wasn’t sad enough, the unexpected death of a work friend would make it almost unbearable.

I’ve known Joe since I started working at the Y and he had quickly become someone I liked and cared about. He was always smiling and was never too busy to stop and ask how things were going. Joe always had a high five for the boys and if they weren’t with me he always asked about them.

One of our last conversations was about the boys and how they were driving me crazy because they always fight. He told me they were normal and all brothers fight. He and his brother used to drive their mother crazy too. As he walked out the door to head home he turned over his shoulder, smiled and waved goodbye.

I wish I could thank him for being such a kind and thoughtful man.



This week was shaping up to be one of the most sad weeks of my life. I felt as if I couldn’t remember how to smile and I didn’t really want to anyway. It was at that moment that this necklace showed up at my door. It was a gift from some of the members of the Wives of Turf community that was meant to thank me for bringing us all together.

This thoughtful gift immediately put a smile on my face.

I’ve never really thought of myself as someone who could inspire others. I am often inspired BY others, in fact some of the most inspirational people I know are my fellow Wives of Turf. They thank me for starting it all but I really feel like I should be thanking them for being a part of it and helping me to learn that I’m not alone in this crazy lifestyle. I should be thanking them for changing my life for the better just by coming into it.

There will never be enough words to express to them how they changed my life.



After the stress of the week a little getaway was just what the doctor ordered. The boys got to see their first PSU football game and Logan spent his first night in a hotel.

It was an adventure for sure. The boys were very excited about the change in scenery and that excitement manifested itself in obnoxious behavior. They had an awesome weekend and I guess that’s all that really matters.



Clearly this kid had a good weekend. We weren’t even out of the State College area before he was out cold.

Other fun news from Sunday…The boys participated in the Beaver Stadium Walk and actually ran the whole mile. I thought for sure Logan would ask to be carried after the first 100 yards but he proved me wrong yet again.

I ran in the Beaver Stadium Run and had the race of my life. I was so busy trying to get away from the crowd and get into open pavement that I didn’t even notice I was pretty much sprinting the entire race. The official times have not been posted yet but according to my Nike+ app, I ran my 3.11 miles in 23 minutes and 32 seconds. That’s about five minutes faster than the 5K I ran a while back. I guess all that training has payed off.

So how was your week?

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