A Week In Mommyland (Week 18)

6 May

As I looked through my photos for the week I’m was struck by how ridiculous I can be. For me it was a very exciting week but through your eyes I might look like a crazy person.

We had three major events here in Mommyland this week; I got a new car, Cameron turned seven and I ran my first ever Broad Street Run. Yes, they happened in that order.



Bill and I took off after I got out of work Monday evening to drive over an hour to my brother in law’s dealership. He had an AMAZING deal on a new ride for me but it was only good for another 24 hours. Damn end of the month!

Not being able to pass up a good deal we jumped at the chance.

I think it was almost 11:30pm when we finally got back home in this pretty thing. The salesman (not my BIL) was showing Bill important features while I was snapping photos and rescuing a random wrench from the bed of Bill’s old truck.



Tuesday was one of many days this week I took photos of my new ride. Seriously though, it looks mean doesn’t it? Mean = Badass!

I park as far as humanly possible from everywhere now. This photo was at work and I cozied up to a friend’s car because I knew he wouldn’t give me any new dents.

Crazy…Told you!



The most exciting part of my Wednesday was the cat lounging on the floor in the sun next to me while I got some work out of the way.

By this point in the week I’m wondering if there’s more to my life than my new car and the cat.



The Kids! Of course my week wouldn’t be complete without a few photos of the kids.

Thursday we went to our favorite yogurt place for dessert. Opa Yo is AMAZING! It’s Greek fro yo, what’s NOT to love?

I really do enjoy the nights that I don’t have to work and can spend some time with my guys. A lot of the fun family time is spent on a Thursday evening.



Can someone please tell me how I am old enough to have a seven year old? Really, when did my chubby little baby turn into this big (smelly) kid?

We decided that we’d give Cameron an iPad Mini for his birthday this year and it was a HUGE hit. Of course it came with rules for use and it’s loaded up with educational games and books. Thankfully my parents got him a military grade case to keep it safe in.



Saturday was a long, whirlwind day for us and one of our stops was Lincoln Financial Field to pick up my race packet. The boys went nuts over the Radio Disney van that was there when we came out. The thing was all decked out in Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You know it’s cool when they BOTH want their photos taken.

Logan said he wanted us to buy it.

After soccer and picking up the race packet we went to the in laws for a quick birthday celebration for C, dropped the kids off at my parent’s for a sleepover, went out for a quick pasta dinner then it was back home. I was asleep by 7:45 in preparation for my 3:30am wakeup call.



The big day was finally here! I’ve only been running for a little over six months and now I was going to ask my body to run further than I’d ever gone in one single run AND I needed to do it fast. Hey, it’s a race.

I can say I wasn’t really very nervous until I was there. The car ride into the city was almost unbearable as I thought of all the ways this could go badly. I had a great race a couple weeks ago at Penn State but I could never keep up that kind of pace for ten miles.

Turns out I was right about that but I came pretty damn close. I’m very pleased with my performance and I can comfortably say that I left (just about) all I had out there. There were some factors beyond my control that slowed me down a little but I’ve learned a few things for next year.

That’s right folks, I’ll be going back…As long as I win the lottery again.

So that’s my week in a nutshell, how was yours?

Did you have anything exciting happen? Overcome a challenge?

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