A Week In Mommyland (Week 19)

13 May

This was a fast and furious week of getting ready for vacation and preschool events.

By now I’m probably winging my way to Miami for a much needed (and I think deserved) girls cruise. I will be spending the next week on a Carnival Cruise Liner having some fun in the sun. Next week’s Week In Mommyland should be interesting.



I find myself getting sappier with every passing year. I got this in a fortune cookie and it really rang true to me.

Hey, I’ve never claimed to be normal.



Even though Bill isn’t on the course anymore Cameron is still so proud of his golf course heritage.



I’ve had it with the wacky weather we’ve been having. Aren’t APRIL showers supposed to bring May flowers? Cold, dark and rainy is NOT what I like in May.



Thursday was Logan’s Mother’s Day performance. It was too stinking cute!

Logan sang his little heart out for me and was so excited to show off everything he had done. He was so proud of the plant that he decorated the pot and planted himself.

How did my little baby become such a big kid?



Look out…I’m going to run not one but two half marathons this fall. Bill is going to run them “with” me, of course he’ll be a few minutes behind me.

He got us the 13.1 magnets for our cars to make sure we don’t chicken out. I’m not going to be a poser so that baby won’t go on my car until AFTER I finish.



We absolutely LOVE having Longwood gardens so close to home. Nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon? Let’s buzz on over to Longwood for a little walk around.

The cat is Logan’s favorite part and no visit is complete without saying hello. You can find the cat around the Dupont house and he’s totally chill with everyone. Tell me that cat doesn’t have THE life!



Cameron gave me this this morning. How cute is he? I love how he tried to draw actual lips instead of just giving me a smiley face. Look at my giant man hands!

Cards are great and I do enjoy them but this is something I’ll have hanging up at my desk that will make me smile every single time I look at it.

I hope all you mamas out there had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day and it wasn’t just another Sunday for you.

See you next week with some photos of the cruise.

Have a great week.

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