A Week In Mommyland (Week 21)

27 May

Yes, I know there was no Week 20 and I’m working on that. I had a REALLY hard time getting back into the swing of things after vacation. I’ve been home for nine days and I still feel like I’m in vacation mode.

I’ve spent most of today thinking it’s Sunday. Holiday weekends through me for a loop when I’m not mentally somewhere else.


I don’t remember what I was up to but I can tell you I wasn’t taking pictures.

I wonder how long I can blame my incompetence on my vacation? It really is amazing what a week without phone or internet will do to you.



Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this face in the morning? At least I have one kid who doesn’t mind cuddling every now and again.

Now if I could only get him to sleep a little later in the morning.



I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to give my four year old a silver dollar but I found this rolling around my dryer. You wouldn’t believe the horrific sound a silver dollar makes in a dryer.

House rule, any money found in the wash is MINE!



Don’t mess with the boss!

You would think that giving a preschooler a couple lollipops while sitting in the bank would get you seen a little faster, that is not the case.

The wonderful folks at Bank of America were totally fine with my 4 year old bouncing off their walls while they tried to sell me five different products I didn’t need. All I needed was a new debit card. ::sigh::



Date night with my main man. I blame the poor image quality of this photo on the fact that Bill was giving me shit about always taking photos of myself. How do I explain that I’m a chronic over-sharer?

Anyway, we had an amazing dinner at Radley Run Country Club and got to enjoy the music stylings of Jellyroll.



While Bill and I were having a nice night out, the boys spent some time with Gma and Gpa. By the time we made it out of bed, went for a run (my first in nearly 3 weeks) and got to Gma and Gpa’s it was time for lunch.

I was shocked that they both agreed to a photo with the cow when asked.

Oh and on a side note, the new cobb salad is AMAZING!



This is what happens when I work on a weekend day. Playing outside and no naps gives you this just as we’re ready to head out the door for dinner.

Oh well, the kid had a fun day.

Thanks for bearing with me as I make my way back to reality. I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Did you have any memorable events this week?

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