You never know who is in your yoga class

29 May


I’ve been doing yoga since last October and from the very beginning there was this nice, older gentleman who I often ended up next to. After a couple weeks we would exchange a smile and even a little, “hello” from time to time. In case you’ve forgotten I’m amazingly shy in real life.

He even accidentally put on my Wives of Turf jacket after class one late fall day.

Eventually I learned his name.

Our “hellos” turned into short conversations about how we’re doing.

One day he was missing from class and I wondered where he had been. He was missing the next week too. When he finally returned I asked where he had been since he hadn’t been around in a while. Casually he told me that he had written a book and it was coming out the next day.

A book?

Having a book release is definitely cooler than yoga so I let it slide.

When I returned for work later in the day I asked one of my coworkers if she knew his last name so I could Google him. I know, total stalker!

When I Googled his name I was shocked at what I found. This guy is kind of a big deal. An advertising genius. Someone who was responsible for making our favorite brands memorable. He actually came up with some REALLY popular slogans.

My interest was peeked, I had to find out more.

He worked for a MAJOR New York firm until he started his own which subsequently sold for a ton of money.

This man who I spent a couple hours a week practicing yoga next to had gone fox hunting with Jackie Kennedy. Yes, a first lady.

How cool is that?!?

I read his book and it was amazing, unlike anything I’ve ever read before.

All this time I had been making polite conversation with someone who has lead an amazing life and was anything but ordinary.

I had always assumed that it was just run of the mill suburbanites in my yoga class and here I was right next to this fascinating man.

You just never know who you’re going to come in contact with in your everyday life.

Have you ever met a seemingly ordinary person only to find out that they were famous or had done something truly spectacular?

I’ve decided to keep his identity private for this post. He’s book was AMAZING and if you want to read it too I will gladly share it with you. Just email me and I’ll send you the info. 

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