A Week In Mommyland (Week 22)

3 Jun

This week was a short week that took it’s sweet time passing me by.

On a positive note, I got back into the swing of things and got my two yoga classes and three runs in. This week was the first time in almost a month that I’ve gotten all my planned workouts in. YAY me!!

We had our first heat wave this week and if you follow along on the Mommyland Facebook page you know that I struggled with the decision to turn the air conditioning on. I eventually caved but am happy to say that now that the heat wave has passed my windows are open and I’m enjoying the fresh air.

Now on to my week.



We spent Memorial Day relaxing at home.

This little guy was relaxing in our pond. We named him Bob since he was just bobbing in the water trying to stay cool. Eventually he hopped out and I haven’t seen him since. I’m kind of bummed because he was a cool little dude.



I don’t let a little rain stop me from running. I ran my 5K in a local park and was so bored of doing laps I wanted to die by the end.

I am not a lap kind of girl, I need my scenery to change constantly to be happy on a run.



Wednesday was Cameron’s Open House at school. We got to go see the classroom all decked out in projects.

At his desk was a cardboard cutout that he colored to look like himself and it was even wearing one of his shirts. I loved seeing all of the cute things he created and I’m very excited for them to come home.

We got to chat with the librarian who said that Cameron cracks him up. Cameron was kind enough to show the kids in his class how to use Photo Booth on the Macs so they could take funny photos of themselves. That’s my boy!

We had a great year in first grade and I can’t believe it’s almost over. I’m really going to miss his teacher, she is truly something special. I hope Logan has her in a couple years.

After the Open House we hit our favorite Fro-Yo place for a treat.



Have you ever had one of THOSE days?



Logan and I had some errands to run and while we were out we stopped by Petsmart to see the adopt-a-kitties. I could seriously be a crazy cat lady.

These two playful kittens had a blast playing with Logan through the glass. Thankfully their adoption is pending and they’ll get their forever home soon.

I want a little kitty.



For the first time in the eight plus years that Bill and I have been married we joined a pool for the summer. With Bill’s new position we actually have some time to take the kids to the pool and enjoy time outside.

The boys had a BLAST! Half of Cameron’s soccer team was there along with a few other friends from school so he was off having fun with his friends the whole time. Logan made a little friend too and had fun playing with him in the baby pool.

We joined the Kennett Y’s outdoor pool and it’s actually nicer than I had expected. I Look forward to many summer days spent poolside.



As I ventured out on my first two runs this week I realized I was going to need to carry water if I wanted to get back to the longer distances.

I found this little number and I think it might be what I need to keep me running through the hot summer months.

I have to say that I prefer running in the winter months. I’d take running in the snow over the heat any day of the week.

OK, I guess looking back it was a pretty good week. I got to spend lots of quality time with my guys and had fun doing it.

I hope you had an amazing week too. Anything special you’d like to share?

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