A Week In Mommyland (Week 23)

10 Jun

We are getting dangerously close to the halfway point of the year. The weeks feel like they drag until I’m sitting here looking back at them.

Cameron was just going back to school from winer break and now it’s his last day of first grade.

I am kind of excited to share all the fun things we’ll be doing this summer. Dear lord I hope those kids cooperate.

Anyway, on to my week.



It’s the last week of school. Wow, where did the year go? It’s hard to believe that by one this afternoon Cameron will have completed first grade. How the hell did that happen?

Since the kids can’t really bring in a special birthday snack they bring non-edible treats in for their classmates. Megan brought everyone a book. This is Cameron’s copy of The Wizard of Oz.

How cute is that?



Thou shall not covent thy neighbor’s dog. I think that’s the eleventh commandment or something. Call me a sinner.

If wanting this dog is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

Hemi is my little buddy. He stops by a few times a week to play and let me pet him. My secret hope is that he comes to live with me someday. Hemi needs a Coach collar and a nice bag to ride in.



Since I have the free year of Sirius Radio I’ve been enjoying the Lithium channel. 90’s alternative and grunge, what else could a girl want?!?

Listening to Lithium takes me right back to my teenage years. I can’t believe that I still know all the words to all these songs after all these years.



I love my roses. I love them so much that when we moved to The Hill I transplanted a few of our rose bushes from the old house.

Sorry lady, your daddy didn’t pay enough for the house to get my roses with it.

They were a little late to bloom this year but we finally have roses and lots of them. It seemed like a waste to just leave them outside. I cute a bunch and put a few on the kitchen table and a little vase on my nightstand.

It’s nice to wake up to a few of my beautiful roses every morning.



The last full day of school. It’s beach party day and it’s pouring rain out there.

He looks a little sad doesn’t he? Cameron actually told me that he doesn’t want the year to end yet. I hope he always feels that way about school.

I’ll make sure he has a great summer though!



Soccer was cancelled compliments of the rain on Friday night so we got up early and headed into the city to visit the zoo. It’s been a while since we’ve been there and I couldn’t believe how much it has changed in almost a year.

The boys had a great time and oddly enough so did I. They really enjoyed having Bill come along with us too.

One of my favorite things at the zoo is the Zoo Balloon. We waited in line for nearly an hour and were almost to the front of the line when they closed it down because it got a little too breezy. Go figure!

Stay tuned for my write up on the Philadelphia Zoo coming soon. 



Sunday always seems to come too soon. We don’t usually do too much besides get ready for the coming week. Laundry, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, that’s a normal Sunday here in Mommyland.

I ended my day lounging in bed with my laptop and some Duck Dynasty.

Not a bad week. I’m both looking forward to this week and a little nervous about summer. I always get worried about having the boys home full-time, can I occupy them? Will I be able to keep up with my not yelling?

How about you, ready for summer or scared about the lack of schedule?

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