A Week In Mommyland (Week 25)

26 Jun

The first (full) week of summer break. Is it time to go back to school yet?



There’s something so special about the excitement of a child. No matter how many rainbows he sees he never gets tired of running outside for a closer look.



Mommyland has been the land of the unwanted wildlife lately. First it was the raccoon who stopped by the back door in the middle of the day then it was this guy.

Bill and I were checking out the vine that he needs to get rid of on the side of the house when we found this guy keeping cool on the air conditioner. Have I ever mentioned that I am NOT a fan of snakes? This was only the back end, I didn’t get a look at it’s face.



As if our own snake wasn’t enough, the boys (all three of them) and I went to the Adventure Aquarium. They had so much fun running around and we got in an hour before it opened so we had it virtually all to ourselves for a little while. After we were finished at the aquarium we had a picnic lunch along the waterfront before heading home.

It was nice to sneak in some mid week family time and it was a big stress reliever to have Bill along for an adventure like the aquarium.

Stay tuned, I’ll be having an official post about our visit to the Adventure Aquarium and I’ll be giving one lucky reader a four pack of tickets.



Of course a trip to the aquarium means we need to have our own aquarium right here at home.

Cameron used his own money and bought the fish, the tank, the food and all the “fixins”. He also is responsible for making sure Finn (named after Finn McMissile) gets fed. So far so good.



Friday I received a call from the Y about camp for this week. No nuts or nut products allowed. For real? I understand that kids have allergies but what about the fact that the only cold lunch my kids will eat is PB&J?

I was in a panic.

Upon the suggestion from friend and fellow blogger Barb, Cameron and I headed out to the store. He picked out all kinds of fun stuff that he promised he’d eat for lunch. Crisis averted!



We’ve been pretty lucky so far with the weather, we haven’t had too many hot days and for the most part the humidity has been reasonable. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a relaxing evening on the back deck with the family.

The boys even caught lightning bugs and put them in a jar. Don’t worry, when we came in for bed we left the lid off so they could get out.



I’m trying to get back into cooking more and this is a yummy dessert I tried out over the weekend. I found the recipe on the back of a box of graham crackers.

I usually try to stick to recipes since I suck at all things cooking related but when I try this again I might try a few little variations to make it my own. Oh and skip the foil, it was more trouble than it was worth.

So there you have it, another week here in Mommyland.

How was your week?

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