A Week in Mommyland (Week 26)

1 Jul

WOW, 2013 is halfway over already. It feels like just yesterday that I was sleeping my way into the new year.

Anyway, I’ve had a little hiccup in my year in photos project. I downloaded the Beta version of iOS 7 onto my iPhone and Instagram has stopped working. Through some fluke I am left unable to downgrade back to iOS 6 so who knows when I’ll get my Instagram back again. I never expected iOS 7 to work perfectly but damn it, why did it have to pick my most used app to mess up?

Without further ado here is my week.



The boys spent the week at Y camp. From 9am to 4pm they enjoyed fun activities and I enjoyed some peace and quiet.

Every so often Cameron will sit with me on the couch when no one else is around, this was one of those rare mornings. What makes it even more rare was the fact that he let me take a photo of our together time.

Also in the photo is one of his favorite Transformers.



We’ve been having some crazy weather lately. Lots of heat and humidity which spark these fun pop up thunderstorms. It rains so hard that it sounds like the house is being power washed.

After Tuesday evening’s storm we had this amazing rainbow. I’ve never seen one so low to the ground before. It actually looks like it ends at the end of my driveway. Sadly there was no pot of gold down there.



What can be better at the end of a hot day of soccer camp than OpaYo? Cameron wasted no time stuffing his face. OpaYo has become an at least weekly trip for us.

I’m trying to work on more good for me froyo and less bad for me toppings…Baby steps.



Every once and a while the boys will really let their imaginations take them away. This was one such time.

Logan made a trap for the monkeys so they couldn’t get away. I did find out later that they were the monkeys from his little Barrel of Monkeys.

This was Logan explaining to me how it all works. Poor kid talks with his hands…Just like me.



This is the number one kitchen gadget on my list right now. It’s on sale at Costco and I stand in front of it and drool every time I go in (which it at least once a week).

I keep trying to tell Bill how much I’ll use it and all the yummy things I can make with it. He just shakes his head at me.

It’s on sale for two more weeks…Hint hint!



Saturday we wanted to get out of the house but couldn’t figure out what to do. I was wasting time on Facebook when I saw a post from Highland Orchard. Berry picking it is!

The blueberries were plentiful and tasty! When all was said and done we had about four pounds of blueberries.

It was the first day for black raspberries but there weren’t really enough that were ready so we’ll have to go back in a week or two to get some raspberries.

The strawberries proved to be more work than we were prepared for. Many of them were overripe and squishy or had bugs in and on them. I was bummed about the strawberries because I wanted to make my strawberry shortcake with fresh picked strawberries.

After the berry picking with went to lunch in downtown Kennett Square and it was AWESOME! We’ve only lived here for almost three years and we’ve barely ever gone into town.



We got out and about Sunday too. We visited Bill’s parents and checked out his brother’s new house. After that it was a quick trip to Starbucks to refuel before a big family dinner at Buca di Beppo. Poor Logan was pooped and it wasn’t long before he was out cold in the backseat.

The sure sign of a great weekend…Passed out kids!

Coming up this week will be Camp Mommyland and Kitchen Adventures.

What do you have going on this week?

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