A Week In Mommyland (Week 28)

15 Jul

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through July already, wasn’t it just May? The individual days sometimes drag but the weeks just keep flying on by.



I’ve been on a quest to find a breakfast that keeps me full and focused all morning and this seems to do the trick.

I had originally gotten the Chia seeds to use in my granola and perhaps some homemade Power Bars but then I saw I could sprinkle them on my cereal and now I’m hooked. A typical breakfast for me now is one cup of the cereal, two tablespoons of the Chia seeds and half a cup of 1% milk. Some mornings I might have a yogurt as well.

Add a cup of green tea and I’m usually good until lunchtime.



This week was a first for me in the running category…I ran with a buddy. I haven’t run with anyone since my high school track days and I was a little nervous to do it. I don’t want to hold anyone back and at the same time I don’t want to be held back, so I usually run lone wolf.

Steph and I met up in the early hours of the morning (of course I was late) to do a lap around town. She kicked my ass. I cut a few seconds of my time from the day before and was beat by the time I got home. I actually found that I enjoyed running with someone else, Steph kept me pushing through the whole run. Of course we didn’t do a lot of chit chatting since I was huffing like an old dog but it was nice to have someone to keep pace with.

Thanks Steph!



The Mommyland Farm is doing pretty well. This was our first year for strawberries and we’re getting a few good ones a day. They are so sweet and juicy I wish we were getting some more.

I’ll have a more detailed update on the farm later this week.



After being without Instagram for AGES I finally got it back on Thursday. This is me celebrating.

I made BIll nuke my phone and I started from scratch. I had to reinstall all my apps and settings as if it was my very first iPhone. It took me a couple hours to get everything back the way it was (I took screen shots and emailed them to myself) but in the end I have ALL my apps working the way they should.

I loved almost everything about iOS 7 but I just couldn’t handle the bugs. I’ll be happy to re-download it once the professionals get it all straightened out, until then I’m sticking with 6.



It was a big night here in Kennett Square, the opening of The Market at Liberty Place. There was an official ribbon cutting and everything.

If you’re familiar with the Philadelphia area, it’s kind of like a mini Reading Terminal Market. The place is gorgeous and I get a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time there. The market has a Philly steak place, a pizza place, a fresh fish market, a creperie, a juice bar and my personal favorite Paradocx Vineyard.

If you ever find yourself near Kennett Square you should stop by and check it out.



This old desk has been in our family since before my birth and it had been sitting in my parent’s basement collecting dust for decades. My dad took it apart to it’s smallest parts, had the metal parts powder coated, sanded and restrained the rest and put it all back together again.

Of course the boys fought over who would get to have it in their room. That fight lead to a trip to Ikea for a desk for Cameron and this desk getting a new home with Logan. I’ve never seen a kid more excited to have his own desk.

The new desks gave us some unexpected quiet around the house since they each want to spend time in their rooms doing things at their desks. Had I known this would be the result I would have gotten them desks a long time ago.



It’s not very often that all four cousins get together to hangout but Sunday was one of those rare occasions. It was pretty cool to see them all sitting together on the couch playing their games.

Of course catching them all sitting still at the same time proves to be very difficult.

It was fun to have my parent’s house full of family and I’m actually looking forward to more Pasta Sunday’s with all eleven of us.

How is your summer treating you so far? Is anyone ready for back to school?

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