A Week In Mommyland (Week 30)

30 Jul

The summer is quickly coming to a close, only a few short weeks from now and I’ll be sending Cameron off to second grade.

In an effort to not rush things, let’s take a look at last week.



2013 has been the year that sparked my love affair with Starbucks, specifically the latte. It took me a lot of lattes to get this bad boy, a Starbucks Gold Card with my name on it.

This is definitely the tastiest rewards card I have.



Every so often the boys like to spend a little time with me. Out of all the places in the house Logan could have sat to play his game he snuggled up next to me.

He was so cute to watch and he was so proud to show me all the progress he was making.



When did my baby become such a little dude?

Seriously, last summer he was still a little guy and now he’s a big kid. Before I know it I’ll be putting him on the school bus too. :-(



News Flash: Hell freezes over on a Thursday morning!

I was finally able to capture a moment so rare that I think I can count the number of times it’s happened…On one hand. My boys NOT beating the living daylights out of each other. Standing together and smiling…At the same time!

I do have to say that the last few weeks they are finally starting to get a long a little better and they’ve been playing really well together. Cameron even took the time to show Logan how to use his legs to pump on the swings.

Maybe there’s hope for them after all.



We’ve been really enjoying the nice weather that this week brought. It feels good to be outside without sweating your ass off.

We took advantage of a beautiful day by spending some time at Longwood Gardens. Of course no trip to Longwood would be complete without visiting the cat.



A major running milestone happened for me this week, I FINALLY was able to do ten miles! I haven’t run ten miles since the Broad Street Run on May 5th and it felt good to finally get to that distance again.

The hardest part of the run was finding ten miles to run without running laps around town.

I’m looking forward to more long runs.



Sunday was Bill’s birthday and he proclaimed that he didn’t want a cake. I still got him a small cake because it’s not a birthday without cake but I also made a cake alternative. This baby was a grilled strawberry pie (pre-grill).

I followed the recipe to the letter and it tasted great BUT it was quite runny. I will definitely be trying this one again before the summer is through, I just need to figure out how to thicken it up.

It was a pretty good week with lots of good food and family. I think the best part was the weather though, it feels so nice to have the windows open and the AC off again.

How was your week? Are you doing anything special with the rest of your summer.

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