A Week In Mommyland (Week 36)

9 Sep

This was a crazy week here in Mommyland. We had Monday off for Labor Day, and then Cameron was off again for Rosh Hashanah on Thursday. We had a hard time finding any kind of routine. We also threw in Logan’s meet the teacher and parent’s night at the preschool.

I was very happy to see the weekend.



We continue to spruce up the outside of the house here on The Hill. We took advantage of the first half of the holiday to put some homey decorations outside. We replaced our old Go Away door mat with one that was cute and a little more welcoming.

The side porch also got a nice update with a little bench and some seasonal decorations.

Slowly but surely we’re making the outside of the house something we can be proud of again.



It was back to school on Tuesday (well for week two anyway). Since they haven’t started giving out homework yet so we thought we’d give Cameron a different challenge.

You can buy the Build & Grow kits at Lowes for the kids to build at home. While we were there over the weekend we picked up one for each of the boys and it made the perfect after school project.



Just when I started to get a handle on the Disney Cars toys all over the house, Disney Planes comes out and I have a whole new set of toys to wrangle.

For those who haven’t seen the move yet, this is Skipper.



I realized I haven’t taken a photo of Nittany in a while…Here you go!

A month or so ago I bought a supersonic can deterrent system to keep her out of the dinning room. The reviews on it were mixed, some cats it worked for and other thought it was a new toy. The thing was pretty pricey so I had my fingers crossed that it would work. Thankfully it did, she HATES it. YAY!



This weekend was the 28th Annual Mushroom Festival here in Kennett Square. Friday was the kick off parade so we made a night of it with dinner in town and then we got some great seats for the parade.

We were fortunate enough to run into Steph of Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom and her two girls. All four kids seemed to enjoy each other’s company but if I’m being fair, I think my boys got her girls kind of wound up.



Saturday was the annual gathering of local turfies at Dr. Mike’s house. It’s one of my favorite parties because it’s the only time I really get to hang out with some pretty cool people AND because I get to spend time with my gal pal Pinki.

Pinki is a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix and I think she is the cutest little Dog of Turf in the world. She recently had the opportunity to snub Joe Biden…Good girl!

Not only does she work on a golf course all day (and was recently featured in The New York Times) but she also visits a local hospice to help brighten people’s day. Look at that face, how can you not smile when you see her? Oh and she’s fluent in Spanish.



We threw Logan a little going back to school party since Wednesday is the big day for him. He had all his grandparents here for a special dinner that he picked out. I made red velvet cupcakes for dessert and we enjoyed a nice Sunday Dinner.

Of course it would appear that he has yet another stomach bug since he was up sick all night. ::sigh::

I hope you had a wonderful week. I’d love to hear the highlights.

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