A Week In Mommyland (Week 37)

16 Sep

This week was all about getting used to new routines…AGAIN! While Cameron went back to school a couple of weeks ago, this was Logan’s first week back to the grind. It wasn’t a full week for him but we got a good taste of what the school year will look like and how we’ll make it work as a family.



My truck has a 26 gallon gas tank so I work very hard to make sure it doesn’t fall below half a tank. I hate to have to spend THAT much money all at once, it’s a lot easier to swallow when you break it down a little.

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in getting refueled over the weekend. All I’m going to say is that I wasn’t the only one driving the truck and I wasn’t the one who was driving it when it got this low.

And that is all I have to say about that.



Back to school night! This is one of my favorite times of the school year because I like to get to know the teacher and see what a day is like for Cameron. I love to see his work hanging in the hallway and all over the room. I get to sit in his little desk and see the classroom like he does everyday.

It’s a great time for me to listen and put my game plan together for how I’m going to work to make sure Cameron is a successful learner.



Speaking of back to school, it is finally Logan’s turn to return to the classroom.

He was so excited that he was bouncing around the inside of the truck while we waited for the teachers to come out and get him. When I picked him up he said he had a great time and the teacher was just gushing about how sweet his is as she put him in the car.

It’s hard to believe that this will be Logan’s final year of preschool and our final year there as a family. The last 5 years there have been amazing.



The big news of Thursday was the incoming cold front that was going to wipe out the July like weather we had been having. The storm looked pretty fierce as it rolled it but we got little more than rain.



This came home in Cameron’s school folder. I was proud that he made smart choices and it makes me think that maybe my example is rubbing off on him. I think this is important stuff to be teaching our kids because there are far too many people who think French Fries are an actual vegetable.

Now if only I could get him to eat vegetables at home.



Every so often I see something in my house that screams BOY. Cameron’s dresser is one of those things. Four Transformers in various poses stand guard of the countless matchbox and Cars toys. If this doesn’t let you know a boy lives in this room nothing will.



Slowly but surely I’m building my distance and speed back up. It felt good to get back on the streets of downtown Kennett Square again!

Of course the run didn’t come without pain and this time I had some pain later in the day after my run. I’ve been keeping up with the ibuprofen and ice regimen so hopefully I’ll be feeling good for my next run on Tuesday.

No too shabby of a week if I do say so myself. I’m actually looking forward to getting another week started.

How about you? How was your week?

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