A Lesson In Patience

3 Sep

Anyone who knows me knows I’m probably the least patient person on the face of the planet. I want what I want when I want it and God help the world if that doesn’t happen.

Going through this experience with my ankle has kind of put things in perspective for me, I’ve had no choice but to be patient. I’ve gone from the attitude of, “I want to run and I want to run now!” to, “When I finally get back out there I’m going to be better than ever.”

ankle surgery

The day of surgery. I wasn’t feeling too hot after.

I’ve come to realize that by going through all of this I’ve actually fixed a problem I never knew I had and if I give my body the time it needs I will be rewarded.

Sure, I’ve thrown some temper tantrums over the course of the past few months but I’ve learned that no amount of tantruming will get me to wellness. My body needs time. Even though I feel like I’m 23 I’m not and I don’t bounce back as quickly from things as I used to.

Ankle surgery recovery

I did a lot of this.

So I sit here plotting and planning my triumphant return to running. I know what milestones I have to meet and when I need to meet them to achieve the goal of running in the 2015 Philly Love Run. Until I am cleared to start running again I will patiently wait for the doctor’s orders. I will not lace up my shoes and attempt a five mile run once I receive his blessing to run either.

I can’t say for sure but the bigger lesson in patience may actually come once I start running again. Taking it slow to avoid re-injury might just be worse than waiting to be able to run again. I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it though and hopefully the patience I’ve gained over the past few months will help me through the next stage in this recovery.

Ankle surgery crutches

Bye bye crutches, hello fun.

Where have you received your greatest lesson in patience? How has it helped you to grow as a person?

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