Mommyland Happenings {Volume 8}

29 Feb

Last week was a week of working hard and getting stuff done. I worked very hard to stay on top of what need to be achieved and worked to try and set myself up for a successful week this week.

I hope you enjoy this look back at my week.



I worked until one then came home to watch the Daytona 500 with Cooper. We were in and out of consciousness on the couch throughout the race.



Sometimes he just rests his chin on me and looks at me with those soulful eyes. He is my little buddy and I can’t imagine life without him.



Bill traveled this week so I took the opportunity to be as productive as humanly possible. Of course I had the help of my trusty diffuser and my Attention essential oil.



I’ve been wanting a kettle for a little while and I finally went out and got one. I used to drink most of my tea from the Keurig but now I drink mainly tea bags. With my induction cooktop I can heat the water faster in the kettle than it takes to brew a cup with the Keurig.



I used to wash, dry, separate and fold Cameron’s laundry. When it was finished I’d leave it on the half wall outside his room for him to put away. Last time I did it he bitched at me about putting it away.

Now he does his own laundry…I’m done with it!



Remember those tea bags I mentioned? The brand I’ve been drinking has some great little sayings on them. This one hit home because it’s something that I struggle a lot with.

I spend a lot of time wishing I was more instead of being proud of what I am.



I’ve had this Papasan chair since I was in high school. It sits in the corner of my master bedroom and until Saturday was full of clothes and blankets.

I cleaned it off so I can have a little space to read, work or just sit and be. The finishing touches of this post were made from that chair.

That’s it folks, another week here in Mommyland.

Have a fantastic week!

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