Mommyland Happenings {Volume 9}

7 Mar

Compared to last week, this week kind of sucked. I started with great plans of productivity and immediately fell flat on my face.

I’m beginning to think I’m more productive when Bill is traveling. I think I’m going to test that theory.



The highlight to many of my weeks is Pasta Sunday. Authentic gravy (not sauce) made by an actual Italian grandmother, meatballs hand rolled with love, sausage, and of course the pasta. There are few meals that I can rank higher on my list.



This week we started working on off the leash training with Cooper. We hoping to be able to let him enjoy the spring, summer and fall outside with the family without needing to be tied up. So far he’s been a good listener and hasn’t taken off on us.

Even though he is kind of an asshole sometimes, I’m very proud of the progress he’s making off the leash.



I was invited to a local magazine launch party and I never pass up a fun night out. Once I had enjoyed the party, and my one drink ticket we moved out to the bar for some more fun. I laughed when the bartender handed me this Eagles glass because I hate the Eagles. I was also amazed at how a seemingly old glass could still look so good.

That glass did eventually make it into my purse (with the bartender’s permission) by the end of the night.



The secret to my sleep. I love diffusing lavender next to my bed at night, it helps me fall asleep fast. The only problem is when the diffuser runs out of water and turns off I don’t stay asleep. I guess I need to invest in that Fabulous Frannie diffuser STAT.



My latest addiction. These are quite possibly the best animal cookies I’ve ever had. If you have a Wegmans near you I highly recommend getting yourself a ginormous tub.

I had only bought them because they we on sale AND I had a coupon but now I’m hooked.



Bill and I spent Friday together taking care of ourselves. It started with a trip to the eye doctor, then off to lunch before he surprised me with a massage. I haven’t had a massage in YEARS and man was it amazing.

Needless to say monthly massages will be part of my compensation package for the work I do with the business.



We took a ride out to visit my Nana. At 96 years old she’s got some serious spunk. We enjoyed her tales from the “old folks” home and it was nice to see how happy seeing the boys made her. As we were leaving, Logan was pushing her down the hall. Apparently he was not pushing fast enough for Nana because she reached out and tried her pull herself along to go faster.

My week was not nearly as productive as the week before but it was still pretty great. Plenty of food, family, and fun to go around.

I hope you have an amazing week!

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