Mommyland Happenings {Volume 17}

3 May

Crazy kids, crazy dogs, crazy things happening. The word of the week for last week was, you guessed it, crazy.


Sunday was absent from my week. At this point, I honestly don’t remember it at all. I guess it happened but I don’t even reminder if I went to work or not.



As I was cleaning up the house I saw my poor money tree. It’s losing all it’s leaves and when I saw it I kind of chuckled to myself because it seems like a pretty accurate depiction of my life at this point.



Since the boys had off from school we took them to the Franklin Institute to see the Egypt exhibit (review and ticket giveaway coming soon).

It was an interesting day though, it started with Bill finding out his eBay account was hacked while we were at the museum, then we came out to two parking tickets on the car, after that Bill’s phone was hacked and the hacker wiped it and returned it to factory settings. After calling and talking to Apple we found out they cleaned off his iPad too. It was a stressful afternoon to say the least.

As a treat for all of us, we stopped at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was Kid’s Night so Andy the Armadillo came out to say hello.



My pint-sized protector was at it again. Cooper does NOT like anyone to be in HIS yard!



Who says dogs don’t like to be hugged?!? Doesn’t Cooper look perfectly happy and stress free?

I saw a story on GMA abut how 80% of dogs don’t like to be hugged. While it appears this photo tells a different story, Cooper is a cuddly dog and enjoys when his mommy gives him a squeeze.



I spent most of my day dealing with Logan and his newly diagnosed asthma. In an effort to get the school nurse off my back I took Logan to the doctor. I thought I’d be there and back quickly but everything took twice as long as I thought it would.

Now we can all rest easy knowing he’s on the road to recovery and he still gets to be the uber active kid that he is.



When I received these cute earrings in an email from Costco, I just had to send them along to Bill. For the third year in a row he’s going to be out of town for Mother’s Day. I get that he needs to be gone and it’s for the business so it’s not like he’s on vacation or anything but it’s hard when I just want a little break.

I figured since he wouldn’t be home to make sure I had a fabulous Mother’s Day (again), that he could soften the blow by getting me these. Make mom sparkle!

Pretty crazy week here in Mommyland and by the looks of how my week has been so far, it looks like this is going to be another crazy one.

I hope YOU are having a great week so far.

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