Mommyland Happenings {Volume 19}

16 May

This was the week I dread all year long, the week of The Players Championship. The week where I am a single parent for eight consecutive days. The week where my respect for the single parent is strengthened.

Hell week!



Happy Mother’s Day to me! Don’t let this photo fool you, the kids were absolutely awful. All they wanted to do was fight, fight with me, fight with each other, just fight.

In a moment of calm, Cameron came to show off the plane he built. Not bad for a ten year old!

My Mother’s Day ended with dinner at my parent’s to celebrate my dad coming home from the hospital. Seeing my dad home was most definitely the highlight of my Mother’s Day.



My mantra for Hell Week.

I try to have a positive attitude, but it’s just so damn hard to do it all alone, especially because Bill does so much.

I spent my morning with my dad daddy-sitting so my mom could go get some groceries. The food supply was running dangerously low over there. I got as much as I could done around the house before I left then I took my mobile office with me and sat with dad while cranking out some work.



I really do enjoy my Yogi Tea, tea wisdom. This is probably my favorite little saying.

I’ve been working really hard all week to accomplish a lot. By Tuesday I was really cranking though my to do list and it felt good to be so productive. Usually when Bill is away things fall to shit, but this time I made a serious effort to stay on top of all of it.



Sometimes I do stupid things. The Ring Doorbell needed to be charged so I grabbed a wire to plug it in. It sat on the counter in my bathroom charging all night and Wednesday morning I put it back out assuming it had charged. When I went to put the charging wire away I noticed that the end of the wire that I was using to charge the doorbell looked like this. The end of that bottom wire was plugged in but I thought the end plugged in was the end of the top wire.


Needless to say my doorbell did not charge.



By Thursday I really started to miss Bill. Sure, talking to Cooper is nice but he’s not much of a conversationist.

Cooper and I decided to send Bill a few, “we miss you” selfies to brighten his day. He’s so busy I doubt he even saw them.



We love Pizza Friday here. Usually we’ll go out for pizza but I’m really not too keen on taking the boys out to dinner alone. So instead of spending $30 – $40 on a meal out, I spend $12 for these three pizzas and we had Everyone Gets Their Own Pizza Pizza Friday.

We ate in the family room and watched Pitch Perfect 2 before heading to my parent’s for dessert and a visit with our visiting Hawaiian family.



Saturday was pretty awesome. The weather was gorgeous, something we haven’t seen here in a long time. The boys spent most of the day outside with friends riding bikes and running around. When they came home they were exhausted and ready to chill.

I had a nice quiet day at home getting things done without listening to fighting or bickering and they had a fun day being kids outside with their buddies.

After dinner Cooper thought he heard Bill come home. The poor guy stood at the garage door crying to see his daddy and was very disappointed when I showed him there was nobody there.

While it was a very long week home alone, it was a very productive week and that makes me happy.

I hope your week rocks!

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