Mommyland Happenings {Volume 29}

26 Jul

I can’t decide if my weeks are flying by or dragging. What I do know is that I’m ready for the school year to begin again. I need the routine and even the kids are wishing they were back in school. Ten and a half weeks is a long time and we are all ready.



Can you tell I’m ready? I got giddy with excitement when I saw the school supply section at Target. There is nothing like fresh school supplies, they hold so much promise and potential.

Bring it on second and fifth grades!




With the excessive heat and humidity comes the nasty storms. The thunder and lightning has been crazy this year. I don’t like lighting, it scares me.

I was trying to take a nap to kill my migraine on Monday when a doozy rolled through. The lightning bolt and red dot are strikes near me. That red one was a little too close for comfort.



I love when little treats show up in my mailbox.

The online community I created does two gift exchanges a year, one at Christmas time and another as a summer treat. My “Secret Santa” sent me these awesome runner buttons (and a sweet water bottle).



Wednesday was a pretty bad day here. The struggle was real all day long.

After we got home from karate I decided I would throw back a few beers while getting some work out of the way. By the end of my second beer I was caught up on Wednesday, had a great start to Thursday and was feeling much more at ease.



To help put my busy mind to rest after a crappy Wednesday, I decided to take an early morning run before I had to be at the Y to work.

I tried not to take it too personally when I saw these guys waiting on the roof for me to return. It was hot, and humid, even at 6:30am and I was wondering if these birds knew something about my future that I did not.

Thankfully they did not get the opportunity to pick my bones clean.



I hit a milestone…or I’m about to.

I was given this fancy new name tag with my name actually printed on it (as opposed to a sticker with my name) for my five years of service at the Y. It was kind of a proud moment for me. I survived five years!



Working hard to be a good daughter. I stopped by my parent’s house to feed the cat, water the plants and check the dehumidifier. This is Milo, he’s kind of an asshole. He’s a feral cat who adopted my grandmother like a million years ago.

All week was an exercise in survival with the crazy heat and humidity we’ve been having here. This week looks to be more of the same since the summer has decided to be a relentless bitch.

Wishing you a productive but relaxing week.

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