Mommyland Happenings {Week 28}

18 Jul

Back to the grind this week! We did manage to escape at the end of the week for some fun and relaxation so it all evened out and made the grind more bearable.

The summer days are passing by very fast and very slow all at the same time.



Child labor Sunday. We all pitched in and made a difference around the house.

Cameron mowed part of the lawn, Logan vacuumed, I cleaned and Bill got some stuff done in the garage and outside. We used Sunday to set ourselves up for a productive week.



We’ve really become a karate family. It’s pretty rare that I get to see Bill on the mat since I’m usually home when he takes his Hapkido class. As I was waiting for the boys after their class Bill started his, he’s the one in the gray. He enjoys the class and has learned a lot of real world self defense techniques.

Martial arts isn’t just for the kids!



I was chained to my desk most of the day on Tuesday. To help me focus on what I needed to accomplish, I had the diffuser going with my Attention oil.

I left the office Tuesday exhausted but feeling accomplished.



I had a little mid-week fun. My friend invited me to go see Bob Dylan Wednesday night. The evening included an amazing dinner and the concert. I’m pretty indifferent to Bob Dylan but I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to see a living legend live.

This was the view from where we had dinner and the photo doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.



Thursday was the last day for Cameorn’s STEM camp and it ended with a demonstration for the parents and certificate ceremony. This is Cameron shaking the district superintendent’s hand as he received his certificate.

The camp was offered through the district and it was fantastic. Cameron and his small team designed, built and programmed a robot. Cameron’s interest in STEM is going to lead to great things for him, I can feel it!



After Thursday’s STEM camp wrap up we hit the road for Maryland. Friday was our day at Ocean City, complete with bike riding on the boardwalk, lunch at our favorite spot, The Dough Roller, and go karts.

When we finished our bike ride we were are super sweaty and Logan was so sweaty that he could make his hair stand straight up. GROSS!

We ended our day with pizza for the boys and a romantic dinner for two at a the Waterman’s Inn in Crisfield for me and Bill.



Saturday we spent a little time at the pool before hitting the road for our three hour journey home. It really sucks to have to be at work on Sunday mornings.

Cooper sat with me. Can you tell he was bored out of his mind and ready to be home and out of the car already?

Another busy summer week coming up here in Mommyland. How is your summer treating you so far?

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