Mommyland Happenings {Volume 30}

8 Aug

I’ve been having a real hard time sitting at my desk for any extended period of time and that’s the reason why this is so late getting out. I guess a week late is better than never.

Aren’t you lucky, you’ll get to see two weeks here over the next few days!

Enjoy what it looked like here two weeks ago.



I come home from work Sunday afternoon and this is what I come home to.

Cameron said it was a small bug bite Saturday night and that’s how he woke up Sunday morning. It didn’t hurt, it was just a little itchy but man, it changed the entire contour of his body.

After a few days of Benadryl and cream, it was completely gone…Thank God!



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when I was in my best shape. Then I thought about all the equipment we had laying around the house unused.

I had an aha moment Monday when I decided that I’d like to turn this part of our unfinished basement into a home gym. This small room has been a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff for the past six years.

Things got serious when I created a Pinterest board with ideas to turn this space into somewhere I would want to spend time getting back in shape.



Bill was away Monday night and Logan had been asking for a sleepover in mom’s bed for ages. So Monday night it was me, Logan, and Cooper in my kingsized bed.

Logan must have slept really well, this was him way after he is usually awake. He snores, but at least he stays on his side of the bed.


There was no Wednesday here in Mommyland. I have no photos from the day and when I asked Bill if he had any, he did not. The only reasonable explanation for that is that the day didn’t happen.


Cameron is my little tech guy. This was his third year doing Apple Camp and his favorite yet because it was all coding.

At Apple Camp, Cameron was able to write code to control a robot and unlike the other kids in his group, we have the robot at home so he was able to create a detailed code and share it with the rest of the group.

Even the Apple employees were impressed with his skill.



Friday was a big day here, it was Bill’s 40th birthday!

It was also Nerf War parent’s night out at the karate school, which meant a nice evening out together, without the boys, to celebrate. We visited one of our favorite local restaurants, Lily. It’s a sushi joint but thankfully they have great options for someone like me who doesn’t eat anything that once swam.

Check out Bill’s dinner! I might not like seafood but I can appreciate how beautiful that dinner is.



My home gym dreams became a reality on Saturday. Bill and I spent most of the day cleaning out the room. When everything was out, Bill painted the floor with garage paint which was super easy to use.

Stay tuned for a post about how we turned this nasty room into a fantastic home gym.

See you later this week with more from Mommyland, until then have a great day!

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