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Giving My Kids 100%

16 Mar

There’s something I’m guilty of. It’s something that I never really thought twice about until recently. I use the boy’s time in activities to do everything except give them my attention. I check emails, I check Facebook, I read a book, I do everything except enjoy them learning and growing.

For so long I’ve used that activity time as my time to catch up on the day, I’ve used it as my “me time”. It wasn’t until Cameron wanted to quit karate that I sat up and decided that I need to change my ways. If I wasn’t showing an interest how could I expect him to?

Giving 100%

I already had those thoughts rattling though my head when I came across an article about being a good karate parent. (You can find that article HERE) Even if your kid isn’t into karate it’s a worthwhile read for any sports parent.

Then I decided to give the boys my full attention while they’re on the mat, no more cell phone, no more Facebook, no more book. For that 45 minutes I was going to watch every single thing they did. I was going to sit and smile at them when they look at me with those exited faces. I was going to give thumbs up when they nailed a move. I was going to give them the 100% I expected of them while they are there.

It’s only been about two weeks but guess what? Cameron has decided to continue with karate and not only continue but join the Leadership Storm which means longer classes and more of them. I know it probably wasn’t all me and my change in attitude, but I’d like to think I had something to do with encouraging him to stick it out through my actions.

Giving 100%

When we take the time to look up at our kids we can often times be amazed at the things they can do. I’m just sorry it took me so long to figure it out.

Are you guilty of not paying attention during your kid’s activities? I challenge you to give them your attention and see what they show you.

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