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Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe

8 Sep

Ever since I bought my Vitamix about a year ago I’ve become a fan of the smoothie. I have even gone so far as to replace a meal a day with a delicious smoothie beverage. It helps me to keep my calorie consumption in check and on the evenings I work it’s an easy meal that I can have without leaving my spot at the desk.

I started my love affair with the smoothie by following recipes but soon figured that I could make my own concoctions that were tasty, nutritious and low in calories.

I thought I’d share my favorite with you today.

berry smoothie

Triple Berry Smoothie:

What you need:

1 Cup coconut water
1 TBSP whole flax seeds
16-18 Grams of vanilla whey protein powder (about half a scoop) 
110 Grams of frozen blueberry, blackberry, raspberry blend

All I did was toss all of that in my Vitamix and send it for a spin.


The approximate nutritional value of this smoothie is 230 calories with 19 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. The protein powder makes it feel light and airy but it fills you up and keeps you satisfied.

I like to use frozen fruit in my smoothies mainly because it takes a lot longer to go bad. I have a problem that when I buy fruit (especially berries) I either don’t buy enough or I buy too much and end up throwing most of it out. Use whatever works best for you and your family.

Do you have a favorite smoothie that you enjoy regularly? Share your recipe so I can give it a try.

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