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An Amazing Opportunity

21 Nov

A Surprise email.

It all started with an unexpected email I had waiting for me when I got home from work Monday evening. Someone from HuffPost Live had evidently stumbled across my post about Black Thursday and they were interested in having ME come on the show for a segment on Black Friday/Thursday shopping.


I made a few changes to my schedule so I would be available for the segment and replied that I was interested. I thought for sure I’d get bumped at the last minute for someone more credible (yes, I know I’m a total Debbie Downer on myself).

I did NOT get bumped!

My web show debut.

At just after five last night we went live to chat about post Thanksgiving shopping and this new trend of stores opening Thanksgiving Day.

Check it out for yourself…

My voice.

This blog is my voice. My place where I can share my life with you and express how I feel about things around me. This voice afforded me the opportunity to take my written word and speak in front of my webcam to God only knows how many people.

I have to say in the three plus years I’ve been blogging the HuffPost Live show was the most exciting and fun thing I’ve gotten to do…YET!

So now I have to ask you, what will you and your family be doing this weekend? Shopping? Anything BUT shopping?


Black Thursday?

12 Nov

A lifetime ago I was a retail manager. The holidays quickly became something to dread with long hours and often times mean people. Where’s the holiday spirt people?

Fast forward to today…

The hours are even crazier. In my days in retail, the earliest we opened was five or six in the morning. Of course that was after staying open until eleven or twelve the night before.

It seems like every year the stores are staying open later and opening earlier. In recent years the trend has been for stores to open at midnight on Friday. Do people really shop that early? The news reports of people being trampled say YES.

This year I was shocked and appalled to see that some stores are opening as early as eight in the evening on Thanksgiving. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. ME!!!

My Life In Mommyland

Is nothing sacred anymore? Thanksgiving is the ultimate family holiday, where families can come together around a delicious meal to slow down and give thanks for the blessings they have.

I have two problems with stores opening on Thanksgiving day.

First, the stores need employees to run, you better believe the people who made the decision to open on Thanksgiving will be home with their families. Most of these employees are not given a choice to work the holiday and it would not be surprising to find out that these employees are making straight pay not time and a half (although on that I am not sure). To me, this move shows where the powers that be priorities lie and it’s not with their eomployees.

Next, what kind of example is this setting for the next generation? What is more important, material goods or family? I feel it sends a mixed message to young people.

I’m not so much against Black Friday. I’ve tired it and it’s not really my thing but some people make a fun excursion out of it…More power to them. My issue is with Black Thursday. Major retailers should not be interrupting a holiday by tempting shoppers with good deals. It’s shameful.

Here’s my challenge to you. Boycott Black Thursday. I know, I’m not usually the boycotting kind of girl, but at some point you have to say enough is enough. Instead of shoveling that slice of pumpkin pie down your throat as you run out the door in search of those “Doorbuster” deals, stay home. Be with your family and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow is another day. If these retail chains don’t see enough profit they might choose to stay closed next Thanksgiving.

I’ve always felt that the seasons are rushed. We hadn’t even made it to Halloween before stores started decking the halls. The moment Christmas is over you’ll see resort wear in all the windows. Life is rushed enough as it is, why are we rushing our way through the seasons?

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to head out on Thanksgiving in search of the perfect gift or will you wait it out for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Share your thoughts here…

See what other bloggers think about it…


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