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Just another day in Mommyland

14 Dec

I often have adventures here in Mommyland. Sometimes it’s because I do something stupid. Sometimes it’s because the kids act crazy. Sometimes crazy things just happen around here. Monday was one such day.

When I went to bed Sunday night, all was well. The house was toasty, the kids were sleeping, there was no indication that there would be any problems. The  6:15 rolled around and I woke up because it felt like my arm (which was outside the covers) was about to pop off from frostbite. I open one eye. Hmmm, the heat is running. Then it hits me, it’s cold and the heat is running…SHIT! I pop out of bed and feel the air coming from the vent, it’s colder than the air-conditioning. Double shit.

I tripped into some pants and stumbled my way to the thermostat only to find out that it was a frosty 61 degrees in the house. But the heat was running.

At this point I whisper a string of expletives and text Bill.

This has happened before. Way back in October (about six looooong weeks ago) this very same heater did the very same thing. It was a blown igniter. A service call and hundred dollars later it was fixed and we were warm again. UNTIL NOW!

I call our HVAC repair guy, who just so happens to be a college boyfriend of my sister. It really does pay to have service people who used to have intimate relations with a family member. Talk about quick service, thirty minutes later I got a call back and he said he’d be out between 9 and 9:30. Of course I figured that in “man time” that meant more like 9:30 or 10:00 so I left the side door open and hopped in the shower.

OF COURSE he would be right on time! At precisely 9am I hear a banging at the door. Covered in soap suds and with conditioner in my hair I jump out of the shower,  hop onto the tub and peek out the window. There is was, a big white work van. Seriously? Dripping wet I grab my robe, shimmy my way into it and bolt for the door. I did make sure my robe was securely fastened before opening the bathroom door since the heater is in the attic and access is in my bedroom. Just then I hear his booming voice.

Could this be any more embarrassing? There I was, wet, soapy and in my (full length) bathrobe. I promise I don’t greet all my repair men that way.

Fast forward to me finishing my shower, and getting dressed and him fixing my heater. My repairman, Logan and I are chatting at the bottom of the attic steps (in my room). Logan starts to wander around the room and over to my dresser. I nearly pass out from embarrassment as Logan whips open my underwear drawer to show off all my unmentionables. Of all the draws, why did it have to be my underwear drawer? As if this poor man hasn’t seen enough today, he’s gotta get an eye full of my undies?!?

Thankfully this is someone I’ve known since I was probably 12, so it could have been much worse. At least he got to start his Monday with a good laugh at my expense. Talk about a Manic Monday for this mama.

Just another day here in Mommyland.

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