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Creating our Bucket List

24 Jun

I follow along with the challenges that Project Marriage puts out, I’ve even been known on occasion to participate.

When last week’s challenge came out I thought it was a great idea, sit down with your spouse and create a “bucket list“. While I loved the idea, I figured I have a better chance of getting the Easter Bunny to sit down with me than Bill so I shared the idea with my online friends and moved on. Little did I know Bill read the challenge and accepted it.

Imagine my surprise when Bill brings a bottle of wine, some strips of paper, a marker and a bucket out to me on the front porch. How stinking cute is he? A bucket to put our bucket list in, ok it’s a milk jug but close enough.

My Life In Mommyland Bucket List

Our “bucket” (I have to repaint it).

So there we sat, on the front porch, enjoying a good bottle of wine while taking turns coming up with the things we’d like to accomplish by January. It was nice to talk about the things we wanted to do and laugh at some of the silly things we came up with.

Will we get to them all? Probably not, but at least now we have some goals to work towards together.

Our list excludes things like: Take a weekend away with no kids and no turf. Redo the home office. And buy new bedroom furniture.

My Life In Mommyland Bucket List

Sure, they’re pretty lame as far as bucket lists go, there will be no summiting Mount Everest for us, but they’re things that we can work towards together. Things that maybe the other person didn’t know we’re so important to us.

This time of year quality time together is hard to come by and to sit outside and enjoy a beautiful evening while having a real conversation with Bill was something rare and special. The actual challenge was to make a summer bucket list but summers are tough in the Turf Lifestyle, so we gave ourselves a little more time.

Did you take this Project Marriage challenge? What’s on your couples Bucket List?

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