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How My Life Was Forever Changed On A Thursday Morning.

30 Apr

Bill and I have been married for more than eight years now and it’ll be ten years since we met this September.

I’d say I’ve grown accustom to the Turf Lifestyle, I don’t always like it but it’s all I can remember now. I’ve gotten used to doing a lot of things on my own. I’ve learned to love those rides around the golf course.


Ah, the rides around the course. It used to be just Bill and I. Then it was Bill and I with the dog. Then it was Bill, Cameron and I and sometimes the dog. Then along came Logan and the four of us rode the course together. Of course the boys love the rides as much as I do and would beg to get to visit Bill for a ride around.

I have so many wonderful memories that were made on a golf course…Yet have very little to do with the sport of golf.

A few weeks ago Bill resigned his position at the course to move his career (and our lives) in a new direction. Thankfully we will be staying on The Hill.

All at once our family dynamic has changed. The man who left for work before 5am somedays and often would not return until dinnertime is now working from the house. We’re now sharing an office with matching his and her work spaces.


Don’t get me wrong, I love having him around, it’s just different. The past couple weeks have really taken some getting used to on both of our parts. The man spent the better part of two decades on a golf course for goodness sake.

I feel like I always have to be up and doing something now that he’s home but somehow I’m not getting the things that need to be done completed. I feel like he’s always up in my business now and those phone calls with my mom (that sometimes happen multiple times a day) have become few and far between. I’ll admit it’s sometimes frustrating to have him working out of the house, having to keep the house quiet while he’s on a call or web chat is a challenge. It’s also hard to get used to the fact that just because he’s here it doesn’t mean he’s at our beck and call for things.

I have a feeling that the summertime will be a challenge when the boys are off from school and want nothing more than to play with their dad.

I’m excited to see where this new path will take us and I’m sure it’s bound to be an adventure.


Thursday nights look a lot different now.

13 Jul

The past decade has brought with it a lot of changes in how I spend my evenings. Sure, they’re not all bad, but it’s startling to look back on those days and compare them to now.

Ten Years Ago

  • I was out six to seven nights a week singing karaoke in bars all over the area.
  • Sleep was overrated.
  • I was only responsible for one person, me.My Life In Mommyland



  • I’m lucky if I get out one night a week month.
  • I haven’t sung a note in public in probably eight years.
  • Sleep is one of the most precious things I have.
  • I am responsible for other lives (how is that even possible?).

My Life In Mommyland

Now it’s someone else’s dream

We went out last Thursday for dinner and there was live music. It was horrible and I couldn’t believe that these people were getting paid to preform. It was then that the ways my life had changed came a smacked me in the face.

Instead of being in front of an audience singing my heart out, I’m making sure that the kids eat dinner while listening to other people live out what used to be my dream.

Do I have regrets? I do, but they’re not the ones you might think I have. I don’t regret settling down and starting a family, not even for a second. I regret not finding a way to keep singing. Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep rocking out in the car, the kids don’t seem to mind…yet!

How has life changed for you in the past decade?

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