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It’s all about ME!

15 Nov

I’ve been staring at my computer screen trying to come up with something fun and light to write today. I got nothing!

So I did what any normal person would do, I took it to twitter and Facebook to try and get some ideas. Who would have thought that the first one would be a winner. Thanks to Tina from Life Without Pink for suggesting I tell you a little about my self.

Some of these things you might already know. Some you might find surprising. Some might have you rolling your eyes.

Here are 20 “fun” facts about me:

1. I was named after my father, they changed the spelling to make it a little more feminine looking though. Oh and no, they didn’t want a boy (I don’t think).

2. I am deathly afraid of spiders.

3. I found my first gray hair at age 23 and now I think I get a new one every. Single. Day.

4. I once got pulled over for speeding. When crying didn’t work, I went to the wife of another cop from the same department and she called him and asked him to toss the ticket. He did!

5. I smoked it college. I went to toss a cigarette out my passenger window (I have no idea why) and it landed on the seat and burt a hole. I found an upholstery repair place, had them take the seat out of my car and fix it. Since I couldn’t go home missing the passenger’s seat to my car, I stayed on campus the rest of the day with the excuse that I had a project to work on. As far as I know my parent’s never found out…Until now.

6. I was a Girl Scout from first to twelfth grades, then I was a brownie leader my senior year of college.

7. I was in my high school’s marching band. I was in the “cool” part of the band, the color guard.

8. I have the black thumb of death, I kill every living thing that is put in my care. It truly is a miracle that my kids are still kickin’.

9. I am messy. I try not to be, but somehow I can never keep up with things.

10. I hate Christmas. I hate the music. I hate the decorations. I hate it all. I put on a brave face for the kids though.

11. I married my husband in February as to avoid a conflict with his job. Since the turf is sleeping in the winter he could actually get away for a honeymoon.

12. I work part time at my local Y and although it’s the lowest paying job I’ve ever had, I love it. I look forward to going in and some days working at the Y is the best part of my day. Oh and I have to mention, I don’t work at just any Y, the Y I work at is the number one Y in the entire country for member experience for the third year in a row!!

13. My mom is my best friend. Sure, she can still piss me off like she could when I was a teenager, but I can’t imagine my life without her.

14. I am exactly like my dad…I have the world’s (second) shortest fuse and won’t think twice about telling you what I think. I also have the vocabulary of a truck driver. The flip side of that is that I love fiercely and would walk through fire for the ones I love…Just like my dad.

15. By the time I was eight years old I had moved for the fifth time. No, I am not a “base brat”.

16. I get excited about the mail and usually run down to the mailbox as soon as the mail lady comes. Bill makes fun of me about it and I always tell him that you never know what’t going to be in the box, there could be money out there.

17. I would be totally happy if companies would send me their products to try and write about them. Would you still love me if I did more product reviews?

18. As a teenager and in my early twenties I was nicknamed “The Princess”. I really think that it was just a nice way of calling me a bitch…and I’m just fine with that.

19. I never saw myself as a mother. Hell, I never even liked kids. Now that I have them, (most days) I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Sure, there are days that aren’t all unicorns and glitter and I still don’t like kids sometimes, but mine are keepers.

20. I love blogging. It makes me happy to sit back and take a look at the things that I experience and write about them. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

There you have it, now you know a little bit more about the Mommy of Mommyland. My list is in no particular order, I just made it as the things came to me. If there is anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask and maybe I’ll do another post like this again sometime.

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