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Adventures in Health (Volume 12)

13 Feb



Drinking enough water is critical for health. It helps with weight loss and keeps your body running well. Let’s face it, you can’t live without water.

I notice when I haven’t had enough to drink I feel sluggish and tired. It’s amazing how a quick glass of water can perk me right back up. It reminds me of a plant, I forget to water it for a few days and it gets droopy. I give it a little bit of water and I can almost see it perking up before my eyes.

This time of year I have a hard time drinking enough water. It’s cold out and drinking water tends to make me feel a little chilly. Great in the summer, not so great in February.

I try using special cups and water bottles to help me drink more than I would form just a regular glass. It’s just harder for me to get the water I need down so I try any little tricks that might help.

I drink a lot of hot tea in the winter time and I know some of that counts towards my water intake but I like to make sure I drink at least eight cups a day of just plain water.

I am really good about tracking my water intake so I make sure I’m getting enough. I really think that by tracking I am more accountable and it helps to get me to drink what my body needs. Like I said, any little trick that might help.

I use my Fitbit app to help me keep track of the amount of water I drink and there are a few apps out there that do nothing but track water. I’ve even seen apps with alarms on them that will actually remind you to drink. Technology is so cool!

I know that once the spring and summer come along I’ll have no problems drinking a gallon or more of water everyday, but right now I struggle to get what I need to keep me going. The groundhog called for an early spring right?

How about you, do you struggle to drink enough water in the winter months? What do you do to make sure you drink what the amount of water your body needs?

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