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That Time I Lost My Sweater At An Embassy Suites

17 Feb



It was great week in San Diego. A successful conference. A wonderful wedding anniversary. But all the wonderful is somewhat overshadowed by what happened when we got home.

After all the conference activity we moved to a different hotel so we could enjoy our anniversary outside the city. It was only for a day but it was a wonderful day. At the new hotel I didn’t even bother to unpack since we were there such a short period of time.

That was until it was time to pack to go home. I sat on the floor taking things out, refolding and reorganizing before I put them back in, that’s when I noticed it was missing. My Eddie Bauer sweater jacket that I was completely in love with.

It was the kind of piece that looked great on, fit really well and made me walk a little taller when I wore it. I know you ladies know what I mean (some of you men might too). It was one of my favorite pieces in my very limited wardrobe.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes so I try to make it count by purchasing quality, versatile pieces so the loss of this sweater is sorely felt.

Back to the story…

Bill called over to the Embassy Suites right away. He was put on hold for an extended period of time then told he would receive a call back. That call never came. I called twice on Sunday, the first time being told that housekeeping handles that and I’d have to speak to them, the second time being told that housekeeping is unavailable and I’d receive a call back. That call never came.

Two more calls and an attempt to receive help via Twitter on Monday. No one at the hotel seems willing to help beyond telling me it’s not in lost and found. I know EXACTLY where I left the sweater and when I asked for someone to just go look I was told that housekeeping thoroughly checks the rooms.

I know will 100% certainty that I left that sweater in the room. I know with 98% certainty that I left the sweater in the bottom left drawer, under the TV in the bedroom portion of the room. It’s not like I left it in the lobby or the restaurant.

So here’s the deal, either the sweater is still sitting in the drawer (which at this point the room has probably been rebooked and it might have walked away that way) or someone from housekeeping found it and took it home with them.

I can take responsibility for leaving it behind, I should have been more careful, but does that mean it’s ok to just take it? Finders keepers losers weepers? Is that the business that the San Diego Embassy Suites (by the bay) is running?

I truly feel that it was still right where I left it and if someone would have taken the time, the first time we called, to go check the room the sweater would most likely be on it’s way home. Now that almost a week has passed God only knows where it is and of course they’ll say they are not to blame.

So why not buy a new one? Like I said, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on my clothes. Even if I did have the $90 sitting around to buy a second one I can’t, the sweater was sold out and is no longer available.

Here I sit, waiting and hoping for a miracle. Hoping I hear form the hotel. Hoping my sweater is found.

I’ve also learned a very important lesson. Check everything. Double check…Triple check. Because if you leave something behind you can bet that no one is going to be willing to help you find it even if you are on the other side of the country.

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