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Why I Chose Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils

26 Feb

fab fran

I’ve been interested in essential oils and what they can do for me for a little while. I see friends on Facebook singing their praises and I hear about them from people I know. Could they really live up to the hype?

One day I decided to bite to bullet and give essential oils a try. I have plenty of friends who sell them for some of the big EO companies so I looked into placing an order. That’s when I realized that maybe I couldn’t afford to give EO’s a try. With 10ml running between $15 and $50 I was out.

I let my fingers do the walking to find out what I needed to look for in an oil and I learned that they need to be 100% pure with no added ingredients like alcohol or fillers. I did a little search for the top brands as well. Of course I wasn’t surprised that those expensive brands were at the top, but I found a brand that made the list with it’s only downfall being that they have a small selection.

That is when I met Fabulous Frannie. The EO’s at Fabulous Frannie are all the top quality I was looking for but the price tag was something I could live with. Many of the oils run from less than five dollars to about fifteen dollars. Of course there are some pricier ones too but I can find most of what I’m looking for for $5 to $10.

Being new to oils they seem to have a decent selection. Not only do they offer essential oils but they have blends, roll-ons and so many other things. I’ve found that many of the products run on a buy three get one free sale which has really helped me grow my EO collection. What started as a six pack of popular oils is now eighteen oils and four roll-ons.

When I shop on the Fabulous Frannie website I feel like I buying from a small business, like one I’d find right here in my little hometown.

I’ve really had pace myself with my orders, there are so many great things on the Fabulous Frannie website and the prices are so good that it’s easy to get carried away. On my Fabulous Frannie wish list is the diffuser, sure I have one but this one is so pretty. I also would like a travel bag so I can safely take a few of my favorite oils with me. Of course I need to continue and grow my collection of oils so I have what I need for all that ails us. Maybe a few more blends and of course some more roll-ons.

I love the roll-ons so much that I’ve all but stopped wearing regular perfume.

If you’re looking to get into essential oils but you don’t have the budget to buy them from the big names out there, give Fabulous Frannie a try, I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to talk to you about Fabulous Frannie, I have paid for all of my own oils myself. This post is not sponsored by Fabulous Frannie in any way, I only wanted to share a great product that I love with you. 

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