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33 Fun Facts About Me

27 Mar


Today is my birthday and I thought it would be fun to share 33 (more) fun facts with you. In case you weren’t around last year, you can catch up on the 32 things I shared for my 32nd birthday.

In no particular order…

1) I am deathly afraid of getting old.

2) I can be the kindest, most generous person you meet but if you cross me I am someone you will probably wish you had never met.

3) I blame my fiery personality on my Irish/Italian roots.

4) I cry at just about every single Subaru commercial…They are advertising geniuses!

5) Some would say I have an unhealthy obsession with tech gadgets…Always have.

6) One of my nicknames in college was Cell Phone Girl because there were people on campus who never saw me outside of class without the phone to my head. (Those were the days before texting)

7) I am deathly afraid of spiders.

8) Some of my closest friends are people I met via social media and I’m totally ok with that.

9) I almost changed my major to Elementary Education in college. I never regret my choice NOT to.

10) I wore braces for all of high school, most of college and had them on again after college.

11) My fear of dentists is a very close second to my fear of spiders.

12) I take Tylenol PM or some other sleep aid almost every night or else I don’t sleep.

13) I smoked for years and now think it is the most disgusting thing a person could do. Seriously, it ranks higher on my list of nasty habits than picking your nose to me these days.

14) Sometimes I dance around my house while I clean. OK, it’s most of the time.

15) I don’t drink a whole lot because I have no self control.

16) I went for years without drinking a drop of water when I was a younger person.

17) I am a chronic over-sharer…In case you couldn’t tell by the whole blog thing.

18) There are very few people in the world I’d say I hate but the hatred I have for them is something special.

19) A few years ago my cat Nemo died and I still cry over him. Nemo was my sidekick and I miss him everyday.

20) Both of my kids are named after characters on General Hospital.

21) My sweet tooth is raging and I have been known to sit with a tub of cake frosting and a glass of milk. I don’t do it much anymore though since my metabolism has slowed quite a bit.

22) My closet is probably close to 200 square feet, it’s a colossal waste of space but it’s ALL MINE! That’s right, Bill has his own (smaller) walk-in.

23) I am a terrible housekeeper and I’m surprised Bill tolerates my messiness as much as he does.

24) Even before looking at the price tag I somehow always gravitate to the more expensive things. Go figure.

25) When given the choice, I prefer to write with a blue pen over a black one.

26) I am very much embarrassed by my penmanship, it’s awful.

27) I’m a bargain shopper on some things so I can splurge on others. Save on groceries so I can spend on technology.

28) I can’t swim. Well, I could swim well enough to save my own life but I won’t be participating in a triathlon any time soon.

29) I’ve never been arrested. In fact, the most trouble I’ve had with the law is a few speeding tickets.

30) My favorite color is blue but has no relation to the fact that I prefer to use a blue pen.

31) I’m more of a cat person than a dog person.

32) I don’t do well with temperature extremes, too hot or too cold take their toll on me. I’m like Goldilocks, I like it just right.

33) I once said I was going to be finished with having children by the time I was 30 but now I’m still not sure if I’m ready to be finished.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Tell me, do we have anything in common?

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