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Logan Goes To Preschool

11 Sep

This morning started out as the worst we’ve had in a long time, at least where Logan was concerned. My usually happy go lucky, cheerful morning guy was miserable from the moment I opened his door.

He refused to get up but didn’t want to stay in bed. He didn’t want to wear his special first day of school outfit (which was not an option). He wouldn’t come down for breakfast. All he wanted to do was sit in his room and scream. Then when it was time to leave for school he refused to put his shoes on.

I tried to talk to him about how it’s ok to be scared and I reassured him that I would be back for him but that kid was in a mood. Our morning was so unpleasant that I didn’t even get a first day of school picture. The first time in four years I didn’t get that precious picture.

Not my idea of a fun morning. I was ready for a drink by 8:45 this morning.

But by the time we made it to the school he was back to his normal self again and eager to start the school year. He kissed me goodbye and jumped right out of the car with a big smile on his little face.

There were no tears from either of us, just a, “see ya later” and a smile.

Two (short) hours later he was excited to see me and gave me a big smooch as soon as he hopped in the car.

He loves school and can’t wait to go back. “Mom, I go to school tomorrow?” It’s going to be a long week with that one.

Here are some photos I snapped while we were waiting for Cameron to get off the bus.

My Life In Mommyland

My Life In Mommyland

My Life In Mommyland

Do you have a preschooler? How was his or her first day of preschool? Did you cry?


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