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A Week in Mommyland (Week 5)

4 Feb

Where did that week go? It was an interesting week with Bill gone Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Never a dull moment here in Mommyland.



Thanks to a virtually non existent wintery mix, Cameron had a snow day. By the time Monday morning rolled around I had already been a single parent for two days. I love my kids with all my heart but man do they know how to drive me insane. They were awful on Sunday so I was already on edge when the school district called.

I decided to make lemons into lemonade. The boys and I made homemade play-doh and had a blast playing with it.



I went in the pantry to grab a new roll of paper towels and that is when I learned I have a closet candy eater in my house. No one has confessed but I’m pretty sure it happened while I was at work and Bill was in charge.



The Hill seems to be a magnet for black cats. When we moved in we had all kinds of strays that we’d see cruising through the yard, calicos, tabbies, all different colors.

Now the only cats we see in the yard are black cats. The littlest one (closest to the window) adopted us about a year ago and I only feed her. She’s the only one Nittany doesn’t attack the back door and growl at.

On Wednesday afternoon two of the three that frequent the yard came by for a visit.



So far 2013 has been the year of interesting weather. Isn’t there normal weather anymore. We had a wintery mix earlier in the week and then we had torrential downpours and high winds.

What used to be the parking lot of the Brandywine Picnic Park was completely underwater and the road just a few hundred feet in front of where this was taken was closed.



Logan and I had to pick up a pizza at Costco after yoga and we took a little longer than expected. It was just about lunchtime so we had a date at Chick-fil-a. Clearly he was not enjoying himself. Although from the ring of ketchup around his mouth it looks like he enjoyed his chicken nuggets.



There seems to be a reoccurring theme here in Mommyland. My cat is always cold. Look at her, she has plenty of insulation yet she is always sitting on or in front of vents or cuddled next to me on the couch. What do you think, is my house too cold?



OK, I’m probably going to turn into pizza. Pizza Friday AND Pizza Sunday. With everything I’ve been trying to do to get ready to head out of town I needed something fast that I knew the kids would eat. Costco pizza it is.

What fun adventures did you have this week?


Elf Style

18 Dec

My Life In Mommyland

I have a confession to make, I hate the elf on the shelf. I’m constantly forgetting to move that little bugger and I’m left making excuses as to why Mac is still sitting in the same place. I even went so far as to accuse the kids of touching him because I forgot to move him two days in a row. Mother of the year right here!

I didn’t buy the elf, Mac was a gift for Logan’s birthday a few years back. I’m not sure I would have ever bought such a high maintenance Christmas decoration. In the years before Mac joined our family we had a Saint Nick figurine that sat on the mantle and reported back to Santa each night. Pretty much the same thing without the hassle of nightly movings.

My Life In Mommyland

So why do I keep the elf thing going? The kids love it. They enjoy coming down each day and seeing where Mac is hanging out (when I remember to move him). I cannot deny those sweet little faces that month of Christmas joy with Mac. I am getting better at remembering and usually Bill will help if he sees I didn’t move him when he leaves for work. I at least keep my feelings about Mac to myself, and he is starting to grow on me (now that he has some style).

If you’re going to have an elf you might as well have a cool elf right?

That’s where Elf Outfitters comes in.

There are six fun outfits to choose from to add to your child’s excitement over the elf. I have to say, for someone who hates the elf, I want each and every one of the elf costumes.

Ok, I want them all but I’ll start with one. I think that Mac should be a superhero! Super Mac!!!

My Life In Mommyland

Super Mac high above the world.

The first thing I noticed about my Mac’s Super Hero outfit is that it looks like it could have come in the box with him. It didn’t seem awkward or out of place at all. Everything was the perfect fit for Mac, of course it would be, it was made just for him.

My Life In Mommyland

Every super hero must protect his identity

Once I got over the excitement of the cape and mask (yes, I said excitement.) I noticed there was more in the envelope. A cute little card with some fun elf inspiration and fun ways to get the whole family involved was in there too.

Elf Outfitters provides “Accessories that will inspire your creativity and bring your Family Elf to life.” Hey, if they can get me excited about our elf, then the Elf Outfitter costumes are PERFECT for every family elf.

My Life In Mommyland

Love this cape!

When my boys first saw Mac dressed as a Super Hero they went crazy. They thought it was the coolest thing ever that Mac had come back to us with a cape on, it even has a big M on it. It took the magic of the elf to a whole new level for them.

If you have an elf in your house you HAVE to check out Elf Outfitters. What you don’t want cool costumes for your elf? First off that makes you more of a Scrooge than me, and second there are other cool things over at Elf Outfitters. Catch a little one touching your elf? You can find a cute letter that will tell your children how to get his magic back. There are other fun and FREE printables for you enjoyment there too.┬áIf you’re like me and tend to be a little less than creative with your elf stop by the Elf Outfitters blog for more great ideas.

My Life In Mommyland

Elf Outfitters is so much more than fun costumes for your elf, it’s the whole elf experience. Since they launched a few weeks ago I’ve gotten into the whole elf thing and really embraced it for the first time.

Do you have an elf? What are you waiting for? Go make your elf even more exciting for your kids, you only have one more week and he’ll be gone until next year.

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