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Store Manager Saves Pizza Friday

13 Sep


It’s Friday afternoon and something tells me to go check to make sure I have what I need for the kids to make pizza for dinner. I pull everything out and ensemble it on the counter; cheese, sauce, pepperoni, and the dough.

As I’m getting ready to put everything away something on the dough catches my eye…the expiration date, which was two weeks ago.

I’m pissed. Actually pissed would be an understatement at this point. While I’m sure it would be fine to consume I shouldn’t have to. I had just bought that container of dough on Wednesday, THIS Wednesday and this wasn’t the first time I’d had the misfortune to bring home expired products from the dairy department.

So what do I do? I do what I do best and take it to Twitter making sure to mention Giant Food Stores so they can know they let me down.

Their response was quick. Of course they said what I knew they’d say, “Take it back to the store for a full refund.” Well, if I could have done that I wouldn’t have tweeted about it! Not being able to drive was about to ruin the only plan I had for dinner.

When I explained that I was recovering from ankle surgery and unable to drive they told me to call the Customer Service number. Pfffft, I’ve done that before and nothing ever comes of it except me being more frustrated with a company.

But I comply and call. I talked to a very sweet woman who apologized profusely as she took my information. She said she’d pass it along to store management which again meant little to me due to experiences I’ve had with other companies.

What happened next was astounding and made sure I will be a loyal Giant customer FOR LIFE!

Not even a half hour later the store manager called to talk to me. He asked for some information, apologized again and asked me to bring the dough back. When I explained to him that I had ankle surgery a few weeks ago and couldn’t drive, he offered to bring me a new container of dough. Like physically drive it to my house and hand it to me. I was completely dumbfounded, never in a million years was I expecting such an offer and I didn’t even know what to say at first.

Of course I said yes eventually. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later he was pulling up my driveway to save Pizza Friday for me and the boys. He apologized yet again and told me to take care of my ankle. If he wasn’t being genuine then that man deserves an Emmy. I seriously almost hugged him.


What started as frustrating experience ended in the single best brand experience I’ve ever had. The Big Cheese at corporate should be proud of that manager, he went above and beyond to make sure a customer was satisfied and bad situation was made right. If you’re reading Giant Food Stores corporate people give that manager a raise (Store #6516) or at least share my story with other store managers so they can see what they could be living up to.

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