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Adventures in Health (Volume 17)

14 Apr

Trying new foods.


I have to admit, I’m terrible when it comes to the food I eat. The healthy foods I will eat are pretty limited because I’m so picky. I’m not sure if picky is the right word, I think I’m just inexperienced.

As I make my way through this adventure that is becoming healthy, I’m finding more foods that I never knew I’d like. Don’t laugh, but up until a couple of years ago I’d never had a peach. A PEACH! It turns out peaches are not a food I like but it took me more than 30 years to figure that out.

The past year has also been the year of the sweet potato. I had never had one before, and avoided them like the plague. It started with the sweet potato fry and went from there. I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I’ll eat it like a baked potato but I now prefer the sweet potato to it’s russet cousin.

The more I try, the more I find healthy options that keep me feeling full without all the added calories.

Even things that I’ve had before and didn’t dislike but just didn’t enjoy have made a comeback to my pallet.

I’m REALLY trying to be open to new tastes and expand my diet to include more healthy options. I think that The Mommyland Farm helped open my eyes to the fact that there are wonderful foods out there just waiting for me to eat them. It was also a lot of fun to watch them grown myself.


It was The Mommyland Farm that got me eating cucumbers (my very first one in fact), peppers and even my new found love for tomatoes came from The Mommyland Farm.

I’m gradually making my way to more healthy options and it makes it a lot harder to get board with what I’m eating. I’ve also noticed that I’m buying more from around the perimeter of the grocery store, you know, where all the foods are that aren’t processed. In years past I did most of my shopping from the center of the store.

As I fuel my body with the things it needs, I feel better, more alert and alive. I’ve even noticed that the junk affects me in a way it never had when that was all I ate, it makes me feel tired and over stuffed. That’s not to say I’ll ever fully give the junk up but I’m learning a lot about moderation.

Do you have a yummy healthy food I should try? Tell me about it.

Have you been trying to eat better? What steps have you taken in the right direction?

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