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Penn State Proud

24 Jan

They ask me what I’d like written about me when I’m gone. I hope they write I made Penn State a better place, not just that I was a good football coach.

Joe Paterno did just that.

As I think about the events of the past few months cliche after cliche pop into my head.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Our mother’s taught us that as small children, to look beyond the exterior of someone or something. I’d like to say, don’t judge the book by one chapter. Joe Paterno’s life was so much more than the horrible chapters at the end. It was a life of servitude. A life spent trying to make his little corner of the world a better place.

Here’s another one; To err is human, to forgive divine. We are all human and we all make mistakes. To all the people who want to criticize Joe’s actions (or inactions), have you ever made a mistake in your life? The man made a mistake, albeit a big one, but a mistake none the less. He never intentionally hurt anyone…He messed up. If you’ve never made a mistake in your life feel free to throw stones.

Let’s not forget the true scumbag in this story…Jerry Sandusky.

Enough about all that, I need to get to what I came here to say.

Penn State is more than just a school. It is more than just a place you spend a few short years of your life getting an education. You do not leave Penn State behind when you graduate, it becomes part of you. Ingrained into the fibers of your being. Penn State becomes a distinguishing characteristic almost as plain as the nose on your face. I assure you, no Kool-Aide drinking is required. It’s called Penn State Proud.

Penn State is more than just a university, it is a community. It doesn’t matter when you graduate, you are forever in the Penn State family. People don’t understand that. People think we’re just a bunch of brainwashed lemmings. We Are not.

We Are a group of people proud of where we came from. We Are a community that is always looking out for each other and our university, striving to put our best foot forward. We Are Penn State.

Joe Paterno is a member of that family. To many of us he is like a grandfather, uncle, father, or brother. We don’t expect you to understand. It’s not a tangible thing that we can show you. Like any family would at the passing of a beloved member, we are grieving. This is a sad time for us whether you understand the why of it or not.

If you were grieving the loss of a family member would you want to be subjected to people saying horrible things about them? I would not deny any person the right to grieve no matter what that person may have done in life, yet I am being denied that right myself. It’s sad. If you cannot have respect for the dead, then please have resect for the living who grieve for him. I’m pretty sure that just about everyone knows at least one member of the Penn State family, show them the compassion they deserve.

Regardless of the mistakes he made, he has a family, a wife, children and grandchild. He also has his Penn State family, millions strong.

I’m not asking you to like him. I’m not asking you to forget what happened to those boys. I’m asking you to please take a step back and think about how you would feel if someone you loved had lost their fight with cancer. No one can deny that Caner is one of the worst ways to go and I wish that would satisfy the people who hate Joe so much. Didn’t you get your pound of flesh on Sunday? Next, I’m asking you to stop calling the Penn State community things like brainwashed, kool-aide drinking, idiots. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t invalidate it.



Sad times in Happy Valley

10 Nov

My original plan for today was a two part series on the Penn State child abuse scandal and the resulting fallout. I’ve since thought better of it. I like to keep it light and fun here, so Penn State isn’t fitting that bill right now. I do feel like I have to say something though. Penn State has played such a large part of my past, it’s still here in my present and I’m quite sure it will play a role in my future. Penn  State was the only university I applied to, if I wasn’t going there, I wasn’t going to college.

First and foremost, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. Those boys were robbed of their innocence and no child deserves that. The fact that a man could use his position with the university and the charity he started to help kids, to hurt them has kept me up at night and brought me to tears. I’ve put myself in the shoes of those boy’s mothers, and my heart is absolutely broken. I hope that as time passes the victims can find closure and move on to lead wonderful lives. I send my love and prayers their way.

We could probably go back and forth all day with the coulda, shoulda, woulda, but we can’t change what happened.

As a graduate of Penn State, I support my school, and I support JoePa. Stop and hear me out a sec before you send the lynch mob my way. I have to look at his life as a whole. A life that has been more than just football. A life that changed other lives…for the better. He is a good man and I wholeheartedly believe that if he truly knew what the media thinks he knew, nothing would have stopped him from doing what needed to be done for the victims. Joe Paterno IS a good man. If you choose to believe what is being said on Facebook, twitter, in the newspapers and on TV without looking into things further, that is certainly your prerogative. Keep in mind that sex offenders are masters at hiding what they do which is why most sex offenders have no record.

I have to say that I really feel that the news media latched on to the big name and forgot about everything else. Why aren’t they talking about the victims and how this will affect them? Why aren’t they talking about the accused and what he did? Why aren’t they dragging the McQueary name through the mud? McQueary saw this go down with his own eyes and just walked away. How do you see a child being rapped and just walk away? He called his father, not the police and not Joe. He didn’t bring anything up to Joe until 24 hours later. Why is he still planning on spending Saturday afternoon on the sidelines against Nebraska? McQueary was in the ultimate position to stop this from happening, right then and there. Again, coulda, shoulda, woulda.

I also wanted to touch on the riots that broke out last night after the news of JoePa’s firing came out. To the students involved, SHAME ON YOU!!! You are Penn State students, act like it! For the rest of you non-Penn Staters, what they did was NOT ok, and I wish that the actions of the students last night hadn’t sparked so much anti-Penn State talk. I understand their frustrations, but what they did was wrong, there is always a better way. I also want the world to know that because a riot broke out over the firing of our coach, it DOES NOT mean that they (or we) don’t care about the victims. If you would have pulled any of those kids aside you would see that they are disgusted and genuinely care. Being upset over Joe and upset about the boys who have been robbed of their youth are NOT mutually exclusive. You can indeed be upset about JoePa’s firing AND care about the victims of Sandusky.

I hope that we can all move past this ugly situation and do what is right for the victims. I will not let the despicable actions of a few take away the pride I have for Penn State. They do not represent what Penn State stands for. The millions of people that have gone through that fine institution and have done great things with their lives, they’re the ones who represent what Penn State stands for.


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