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Tips For Washing Activewear

19 Mar

I love to run but even in the dead of winter I still sweat like a wild beast. It can be 2 degrees outside and I’ve still sweat through my base layer.

TMI Alert! My sweat STINKS! It’s pretty bad.

Just a regular wash cycle doesn’t cut it for my activewear, it still comes out smelling pretty bad. I was forced to change my washing ways and it’s made all the difference in the world.

I now give you my tips for getting the stink out.

Wash your activewear separately.

activewear wash

Do you really want all that sweat mixed in with your favorite shirt? My other tips will explain why I say to wash it all separately.

Do NOT use fabric softener!

The fabric softener gets stuck in the fibers and can actually lock in the stink. Fabric softener can also damage the fabric’s ability to wick moisture. Just say no to the fabric softener.

Do use white vinegar.

activewear wash

Only use about a half a cup per load. If your washer has a prewash setting that’s the time to do it. If you don’t have a prewash setting, adding the vinegar with the detergent is fine too. Vinegar is a great stink killer but it’s not going to leave you smelling like a salad.

Turn it inside out.

Wash your activewear with the stink side out. You might be sweating through your clothes, but the epicenter for that stinky sweat is on the inside. I like to wash everything inside out to make sure that all the stink is killed in the wash so I can put on a fresh smelling shirt for tomorrow’s run.

Watch the heat.

activewear wash

activewear wash








Always wash your activewear in cold water.

When it comes to my more expensive pieces, I line dry them every time. The rest of my activewear I am careful to dry it on the lowest setting I can use and still have it come out dry the first time. Make sure you read the care instructions on all your activewear to be sure it’s safe to dry.

When you take care of your activewear it will take care of you!

What tips do you have for getting the stink out of your activewear?

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