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Adventures in Health (Volume 15)

13 Mar

Time for some weight!


I’ve realized it’s time to add a little something more to my exercise routine…weight.

After a quick physiology lesson from my boss (who is way too smart to be an executive director at the Y) I learned that if I wanted to see a change I needed to start doing some real strength training. I use yoga as my strength training now and don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely made me stronger but I need to do more.

I know there are tons of benefits of adding a little weight training to my routine and I have no fear of “bulking up”, I know that will NEVER happen.

So what’s the plan? Instead of sitting on my ass stuffing my face while I watch TV I’m going to start doing a few reps with my dumbbells. Thankfully we have a variety of weights for me to choose from.

I don’t have the nerve to visit the weight room at the Y. There are way too many meatheads in there and I intimidate easily.

I also have no clue how any of that equipment works and I’m too ashamed to admit it to anyone. Um, I guess I just admitted it.

So that’s the plan, add a little weight to my routine in hopes that it will help me drop a little weight from my waistline. If everything my boss told me was right (and it made sense to me) then by building more muscle I’ll be able to burn more calories. Talk about a win win.

I also want Kelly Rippa’s arms!


Do you use weights in your workout routine? What has worked for you?

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