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Girl’s Night Out Done Right

9 Jul

My Life In Mommyland

I don’t get out for GNO very often but last Friday was a special exception. A small group of bloggers from Southern Chester County, myself excluded, met up for an evening of pampering at Essentials Day Spa.

You know when the GPS cant find it that it must be off the beaten path. After the stress and aggravation of being lost for twenty minutes I finally found the place. Time to go inside and relax.

Try the door…locked?


Tweet a friend who I know is inside…no response.

Surely after the drive to get there I am being punked.

Let’s just say I will never laugh at those idiots who push a door when it needs to be pulled again because I am now one of them.

I finally make it inside and find my blogging buddies. The table is full of great snacks and of course a few bottles of wine. I start to relax a little bit.

After a little chatting we are taken one by one to receive our treatments.

Now THIS is my idea of a GNO.

I picked a massage and a pedicure. Massage was up first.

Oh. My. God. By the time it was over the ride in and being so stupid I couldn’t even open a door where distant memories of things that happend to someone else. I had almost forgotten how wonderful a massage from a trained professional could be.

I must now go monthly for a massage that is no shorter than an hour in length.

Once my massage was over I went and poured myself a glass of wine, nibbled a little more on the yummy snacks and set off to find everyone else.

Some more chatting and laughing and it was pedicure time.

My feet haven’t been touch by a professional in ages and as I stare at my purple piggies I can’t help but smile.

Note to self, must get a pedicure more often.

I get a feeling the girls at Essentials Day Spa will be seeing my face again.

The spa was so unique, set in an old home in a little village, it was the perfect place to relax. I’ve been to my share of spas over the years, but I have never been to one that had such a warm, welcoming, homey feel to it.

If you’re ever looking for a different way to get the girls together for a night out, I suggest finding a spa to accommodate you. Relaxing and fun all wrapped in one.

What are some of the fun things you and your girlfriends have done for GNO?


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