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52 Week Money Challenge: Mommyland Style

7 Jan

For the last few years I’ve seen the 52 week savings challenge pop up in January. It’s a simple way to save some extra money over the course of the year.

I’ve even tried it. It was really easy at the beginning of the year since in the first month you’re only saving $10. The year I gave it a try I noticed that by the time I got to Thanksgiving it was getting harder and harder to keep up. As we near the end of the year I have a difficult time socking away “extra” money since around the holidays there really isn’t much extra around here.

I thought about it and thought that it’s a lot easier to put larger amounts of money away at the beginning of a year and save the smaller amounts for the end of the year when I’m busy buying gifts and paying off Christmas. Saving more at the beginning of the year and tapering down gives me a better shot at success.

I like to put my money away on the same day of every week, it helps me to stay accountable and remember to do it. Friday seems as good a day as any. In many cases Fridays are pay days, so I will put my money away on Friday.

After taking a closer look at the 2016 calendar I realized that there are 53 Fridays in the year…BONUS!

I invite you to join me on this money saving journey. If we succeed we stand to end 2016 with an extra $1,379 in our pockets.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting together this handy guide to help you save, it’s not pretty but I’m still learning how to make these cool printables. Feel free to print your own copy so you can keep track of your savings. To print, just click on the image and print the PDF.

Money Challenge

I started on January first by putting $53 away, that bonus I was talking about before. If you want to play catchup you can increase your yearly saving to $1,431.

So who’s with me? Lets do this!


Making Money By Cleaning The House

14 Jan

Being a Stay At Home Mom doesn’t pay a whole hell of a lot. Oh who am I kidding, us SAHM’s work so hard for the love of our families.

I’ve started collecting things as I clean my house and it’s helped to make me enough money for a little treat at the end of the year. I collect the change (and sometimes bills) that my family carelessly leaves laying around.


It starts as a penny here and a quarter there but before too long you’ve got enough for a latte, or a new book.

This is something I’ve been doing for a while but I’ve never really kept track of just how much this spare change has added up to…Until now. In 2014 I will be setting all the money aside to see how much it adds up to at the end of the year.

Some of you might think it’s mean to take money from my family members. Well, if they had put it where it belongs instead of leaving it out on the dresser, nightstand, floor, pockets, or other random places it, wouldn’t be there for me to scoop up. Personally I empty my pant’s pockets BEFORE I put them in the hamper. As far as I see it, it’s payment for services rendered.

Maybe someday the men in my house will learn to put their money where it belongs and I won’t have anything to collect anymore, but until that day comes I feel like I’ve earned a tiny treat.

What do you do with the spare change you find laying around the house?

Do you have any guess as to how much I’ll find this year?

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