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6 Mar

Do NOT let those sweet faces fool you...

I don’t get away very often. I can’t even remember the last real vacation I had. Sure, I’ve had a few days here and a few days there to escape the monotony of my life, but no real leave it all behind vacation.

I am fortunate enough to have my parents willing and able to watch the boys and when they’re not able, my in-laws usually are.

Last week Bill and I escaped to Las Vegas. No it wasn’t a vacation, it was a work conference, but it was time away just the two of us.

Mom stayed here with the boys so that Cameron could easily get to school each day and it was less disruptive to the routine. I thought by keeping the boys in the house it would reduce the stress of getting them back into a routine.

They were great for Mom, well behaved and polite. They listened and did what they were told. For her, they were a dream.

Then I got home…

The behavior has been off the charts naughty. They know the rules, the rules have not changed. In the few days since our return they have been driving me bat shit crazy. Talking back, beating on each other, screaming for no reason, running around the house, you name the rule and they’ve broken it. I’m doling out timeouts like M&M’s.

I love them. I missed them while I was away. Right now I would sell them if I could. OK not really, but you catch my drift.

This is my punishment

I cannot leave them behind to go away and expect not to have a price to pay when I return. The level of naughtiness increases exponentially with the amount of time I spend away. An overnight getaway will cost me a few hours of obnoxious behavior. Leave for five days and it goes to DEFCON 1 around here.

Today is Tuesday, we returned Saturday and are STILL paying the price for our little stint in Vegas.

The three year old is chucking attitude left and right. The five year old is using every obnoxious tactic in his arsenal to push my very last button. Mommy is considering a cocktail in the afternoon morning.

I’m doing my best here. I’m trying to give them extra love and attention to make up for the time I was gone…It’s getting me nowhere.

I just don’t get it. It’s not like they showed any signs of missing us while we were away. They didn’t cry or beg my mother to call us. They were happy to talk to me the few times I had an opportunity to call. Why, oh why are they punishing me?

Do your kids pull this nonsense when you come home from a trip? What do you do to stop the bad behavior and restore order to your house? HELP!

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