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Sorry. Not Sorry.

26 Jun


Sorry. Not Sorry


One little word. Five little letters. Used one million times a day.

I was out shopping the other day. It seemed like every store was giving something away because everywhere I went was packed with people. Carts everywhere, people all over the place. It was often difficult to maneuver around.

As the other shoppers and I tried to avoid each other I heard one word over and over…Sorry. I quickly realized I was saying it too. What did I have to be sorry for? I’m not sorry, I’m just trying to shop for the things my family needs.

I’m sure the people who were saying sorry to me didn’t really mean it either, they were just going about their own business.

We say sorry for everything.

As I pushed my oversized Costco cart through the aisles I got to thinking of a more appropriate word to use. How about excuse me?

Why are we apologizing for something when a simple excuse me will suffice?

As a woman and I did the dance of the shopping carts in the middle of the grain aisle, instead of saying, “sorry.” I went for, “excuse me” instead.

Now that I’ve been more conscience of the overuse of the word sorry I’ve worked hard not to say it. I dare you to become more conscience of the word too. How often do you find yourself saying I’m sorry for things you don’t need to be sorry about?

Stop apologizing! Save the sorry for when you’ve done something you truly need to be sorry for.

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