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Paper Crafts Are Making Me Crazy

21 Dec

I try to encourage the boys with everything, especially the things they enjoy, but something is happening here that is driving me batshit crazy.

Two words…Paper Crafts.

Cameron has this amazing ability to look at something and recreate it in paper. He is an origami master. There is no doubt in my mind that this ability will parlay into a career in engineering. If not he can always be hired out for birthday parties, like the guy who does the balloon animals.

So what’s the problem?

There is paper all. Over. My. House!

If it’s not his little creations (all of which he holds dear), it’s little scraps of paper or pieces of tape.

Every time I turn around there’s something else. Paper creations are taking over my house…My car…My life. Cameron’s room is the epicenter for the invasion.

I can hear the trees crying as they see their brothers folded into little Millennium Falcon’s and X-Wing Fighters.

Cameron is well know for his paper creations. So well known that he even received an award at the end of last school year for being, “creative and crafty with paper”.

Paper crafts

It’s a major award!

I so want to support this habit creative outlet but when I go to print an important document only to find there is no paper in the printer, or I try to set the table for dinner only to have to clean up scraps of paper, it is difficult.

We bought each of the boys their own box to put their electronic devices, headphones, and a few small toys in for road trips. Cameron’s is filled with, you guessed it, paper crafts.

paper box

It looks like trash but there are some really cool pieces in there.

Don’t get me wrong, he does amazing things with paper, he truly has a talent for it and for that I am proud. It is a little frustrating to have a house filled with paper bits.

Does you child have a hobby that sometimes drives you a little coo coo for cocoa puffs?

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