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The End Of An Era

2 Jun

Something kind of big happened last Friday, Logan had his last day of preschool. In the fall he will be moving on to Kindergarten, thus an era has ended here in Mommyland. My kids are school aged, there are no more preschoolers and probably never will be again.

My baby goes to preschool

Logan’s first day of Preschool (nearly 3 years old)

I look at the photo above and I wonder how this happened? Logan is my little guy, how can he be finishing his time as a preschooler?

But then I think back to the little boy you see above and I look at the little boy before me and I am astonished at how much he’s grown. That little boy you see up there was still in diapers and he still slept in a crib. The little boy living in my house now snores like an old man in his big bed and the diapers are long gone. He can write his own name, he knows his address and phone number and can color inside the lines.

There are things that haven’t changed though, I’m still his best friend and he still loves to give unsolicited hugs and cuddles. Man I hope that never changes.

Sure his big brother came before him as a preschool graduate but it’s different now. We spent five years inside Calvary Lutheran Preschool, the teachers feel like family. They have become the loving aunts who looked after and taught my boys so many important and interesting things. The realization that I will probably not see any of them ever again is heartbreaking.

Some other things that have become dear to my heart are disappearing too. There will be no more homemade birthday treats to bring to school (our school district doesn’t allow it), no more Christmas shows, no more Mother’s Day Tea. Our twenty minute drives to school where we chat and sing will be replaced by a walk down the driveway to put him on the bus with his brother.

It’s bittersweet as we close out this chapter in our family’s story and get ready to start a new one. I know there are so many wonderful memories to be made and I’m very much looking forward to them all but I will always look back at these past few years with a fondness. Our family has changed so much but at the same time we’re still the same.

Good bye preschool, and thank you for the memories.

Mommyland Logan’s last day of preschool (5 and a half years old)


The Preschool Class Mascot

17 Nov

One of my kid’s favorite parts of preschool was the class mascot. They loved when it was their turn to take it home for an adventure and the loved hearing all the fun places the mascot went with the other kids.

The class mascot is the thing movie trailers are made of in our house.

This was Cameron’s class mascot his last year of preschool.

The boys have always gotten kind of attached to the class mascot and if I’m being honest, we all enjoy them when they come home.

Logan got to take the mascot home Monday since it was his birthday and imagine my surprise when I found a “new” mascot in the bag. I asked the teacher what happened to the original Midnight and she told me that one of the kids left him at the park and he was lost.

Alright, I try not to judge other mothers BUT they tell us no fewer than nine million times that if we take the mascot to a park or similar area to leave him in the car so he doesn’t get lost. They explain that the kids get attached at are very disappointed when the mascot goes missing.

In our five years at this preschool we have never been in a class where the mascot has been lost and if it was lost we never knew about it because it was replaced by an identical animal.

There’s a first for everything right?

I think if we were the ones to lose the mascot I’d keep Logan out of school until we found an identical replacement. But that’s just me caring what people think of me and feeling as though I am judged as a mother at every turn.

Long story sort, Midnight was replaced by the brown bear you see below.


When the new “Midnight” came home Logan wanted nothing to do with him. Instead of taking him to play he just sat him on the desk in the kitchen and left him there.

Thankfully my mother put in my head that I should try to find the original bear. After about five minutes of searching Google with various descriptions of the bear I had found who made him and where I could buy him online. After a little more searching online I found what store may or may not carry the bear.

I started calling early the next morning and the second store I called had him and were willing to set him aside for me.

I told Logan that the original Midnight had been found and was being held at a store for us pick up.

Logan was thrilled!

From the time we picked Midnight up until we had to bring him to school he only left Logan’s side for a quick exit bath.

I’m not sure how the other kids reacted to seeing their “old” mascot again but I know my kid was happy and that’s all that really matters.


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