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The Mommyland Hub

15 Feb

The office in our house has become the dumping ground for all manner of crap. When we clean the first floor the leftover junk just gets stuffed in the office on the desk or futon.

A few months back I had moved my iMac up there since I had picked up a new MacBook to be more mobile. Now when I want to actually use the iMac I’m fighting the mountains of crap that accumulate in the office.


The old office

Something has to give.

We decided to redo the office. Two separate work spaces, one fore me and one for Bill. It was time to get rid of that horrible desk that I’ve hated from the moment we got it home all those years ago.

Off we went to Ikea to see what we could find. Nearly $500 later our new office was almost complete. Two work stations, a cool bookshelf, a fun thing with cubbies for the printer to sit on, a glass dry erase/bulletin board and a really cool storage unit that hangs on the wall…Not a bad haul to redo an entire room.

I love that I have my own little place to work (I picked the area next to the window) and if it gets messy I have no one to blame but myself. I can set everything up the way that works best for me and I don’t have to worry about being in Bill’s way. I’ve been feeling so much more productive already.


My new work station

Even with having two work stations and more furniture in the room it seems so much bigger in here. The old desk was so bulky and was really just a waste of space. Now the office isn’t just a place to work, it’s a nice little refuge when I need some quiet time. I can relax in the glider or on the futon and just enjoy some me time.


The new office

But the cool new furniture is only part of the process. We also have the task of getting rid of some of this crap. Over the course of the eight years we’ve been together we have accumulated so much junk it’s ridiculous. Time for a purge!

I’ve been tackling it little by little and really getting rid of a lot. No more holding on to random things in the hopes that I might need to use them again. OMG, I’ve become a hoarder.

My next task is to venture into the closet and get that organized so we can actually find what we’re looking for in there. I’m scared of that one.

Once everything is cleaned and organized we’ll paint the room to add some color. All the white does make it a little boring. Hmm, I wonder what color we should paint it?

I think that 2013 is going to be the year of streamlining The HIll and doing a little redesigning. It’s all just part of the process to make this house our home.

Do you have an area of your house that needs some love and attention? What do you plan to work on at home in the months to come?

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