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Adventures In Health (Volume 10)

30 Jan

Yoga Update.


It’s been a few months since starting yoga and I have to say I’ve really gotten into it. I’m now going two to three days a week and it’s become vital to my mental health.

I love to go into that room and forget about the rest of the world for an hour. I concentrate on what I’m doing in the moment and let the outside world fall away. It’s wonderful! I think it might have even helped me to be a little more present in other areas of my life.

I’ve noticed I’m getting stronger too. There are poses that used to be impossible to me that I’m now getting better at. In the first few weeks I would literally vibrate in my downward dogs because I was so weak and now I find it a restful pose. Don’t get me wrong there are poses that make me feel like I could go everyday for the rest of my life and never get, but I can see a marked improvement over those first few weeks.

I’m even a little more flexible than I used to be. When I started taking yoga classes I could barely touch my ankles, forget about touching my toes. Now my hands can find the floor by the second half of class. I’m still not as flexible as I’d like to be but every week I see a small improvement.

What I wish I’d see an improvement in is my attitude and feeling of calm outside the class. I was hoping that I’d be able to remain clam even after the class and that maybe taking yoga would help me be a calmer mom who yells less. Was I expecting too much? Will that come later?

After Christmas I decided to continue my yoga practice at home and picked up a DVD. It’s not as good as an actual class, but it works in a pinch. I also find myself working through some of the poses throughout the day to loosen up or calm down.

The breathing techniques have helped too. I never thought I’d be a fan of single nostril breathing but it does make me feel more clear.

I have the opportunity at work to recommend classes to the members and I always say that they should at least try a yoga class. Some have even come back to say thanks and let me know they really enjoyed the class and will be back again soon.

Have you tried yoga? What do you think, are you hooked or was it a one and done?


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