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Top Tips For New Runners

26 Aug


If you’re thinking about becoming a runner, STOP! Before you lace up and hit the road, or track or treadmill, here are my top tips for new runners. These are things I’ve picked up along the way that turned an aversion to exercise into a love of running.

Use a program!

running tips 1

I used the C25K program. It’s an app for your mobile device that takes you through an eight week program to get you running 3.2 miles.

C25K (couch to 5K) will gradually build up to running by giving you walk/run intervals until you can run that first 3.2 miles. It’s a small commitment, with only three workouts a week and you’ll be shocked at how fast you’re logging those miles.

I like this program because it’s gradual. So many people who decide to start running set themselves up for failure by doing too much too soon and they either burn out or get injured. Don’t let that happen to you!

Sign up for a race!

running tips 2

Don’t let fear of commitment get in your way.

By signing up for a race you’re committing to it, you now have something to work towards. There’s an end game to all those workouts.

If you have something to work towards, it gives you that extra incentive to stick with it. Just think about how proud you’ll feel when you cross that finish line. How awesome will it be to wear that race shirt as a reminder of your hard work.

Another great app for training is the Nike+ Run Club. You can chose the distance of your race (and a few other variables) and they will create a program you can follow.

Get a proper shoe fitting!


The fastest way to fail is to get injured. If you get shinsplints two weeks into your journey into running, you’re not really going to want to stick with it.

Any reputable running store will be more than happy to give you a free fitting. They should also be able to work within your budget. Just let them know what you are willing to spend on a pair of running shoes and they can (probably) find you a pair that will work with your body mechanics AND your budget.

I will say that you get what you pay for and there is a big difference between an $80 shoe and a $120. Getting cheap running shoes is not always the economical way to go when you have to replace those shoes sooner.

My top tips for new runners will help you begin your journey to become a runner.

Do you have any questions about running I can answer for you in a future post? Reach out and let me know how I can help you love running as much as I do.


My Inspiration To Start Running

21 Jul

runspiration-1There is someone special who is responsible for my love of running. Someone who was my inspiration to take those first step. Someone besides me of course.

Since I’m not sure how she’d feel about me using her name we’ll just call her M. I’m wondering how futile it is to hide her identity because anyone I work with will know exactly who I’m talking about, but I’ll do it anyway.

M and I work together at the Y. She’s a really sweet woman who I always enjoy spending time with. Back in 2012, when I was considering the idea of becoming a runner, we worked together a lot and she would always try to convince me that I should run.

It’s great exercise. It’s fun. She named all the reasons why I should just get started and my reply to her was, “when both boys are in school.”

M asked me why I would wait and I had a legitimate reason. Who was going to look after the boys while I was running? Bill was still at the golf course at the time and I couldn’t always depend on his schedule for anything. runspiration-2

But finally M’s words hit home somewhere and I decided to give it a go. I’ll work around the kids and Bill’s crazy work life. I’ll figure it out.

I downloaded the C25K app and started on the track at the Y. I was there mostly because they would watch the boys while I would run and also because I was terrified of the roads.

The longer the distances became, the more running inside became like a chore so when Logan was in preschool I would run through my parent’s neighborhood. It was quiet without much traffic to worry about and that’s when I truly saw what M had been trying to show me all along. Running is awesome. It’s freeing. It’s fun. It’s empowering. It’s everything I needed, mostly because it’s much cheaper than therapy or booze.

runspiration-3Oh and the weight loss was pretty sweet too.

Since I started running I’ve finished quite a few shorter races. I’ve completed The Broad Street Run (10 miler) twice (2013 & 2015) and I’ve completed four half marathons.

M and I talk running just about every time we see each other now and it’s been like that for years. We cheer each other’s progress and achievements and give words of encouragement to get each other through the rough patches.

She is my runspiration and the reason I got started instead of putting it off for years and years. This kind and caring woman will never know how grateful I am for her encouragement to start and all the kind words she spoken to me since. I truly feel that without her influence I wouldn’t have ever started to run.runspiration-4

My dream is to pay it forward. My dream is to give to someone else what M has given to me, the love of a sport and a community that keeps me both physically and mentally healthy.

If I can inspire just one person to start running then I’ll be over the moon excited.

Do you have a person in your life who has inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

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